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November 13, 2013
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Ordo Fabula: Thumbelina by Mifmemo Ordo Fabula: Thumbelina by Mifmemo

Thumbelina Mole

Title: Thumbelina

Fairy Tale: Thumbelina

Origin: Fabula

Home: Town

Age: 22 (Birthday Sepember 15)

Gender: Female

Height: 5cm
-Magic Human-sized form 5'8”-

Weight: less than 1oz
-Magic Human-sized form Roughly 1lb-

Race: Fae – had previously thought herself to be a thumbling

Team: N/A

Job: Primarily works as a Farmer & Herbalist

Skills: Thumbelina has an impressive singing voice, soft and lovely with a hint of sadness. In a fight.. unless it is very small she is likely to just run under something and hide.

Weapon: Her weapon is a simple sewing needle with a handle, making it similar to a foil (used in fencing).
New  She has recently acquired the ability to summon wings, summon magic and obtain a form of human size, however She has had very little practice with it as of yet. The only spell she could likely use would be a plant shield summoned by flinching (she has yet to use it though).



Likes: She is fond of sweet things, be it food or people. She also loves the sun and warm weather.

Dislikes: She dislikes bitter food, bossy people, and winter.

Personality: Best described as a delusional pessimist, Thumbelina has both accepted that nothing happy will last and subconsciously refused to admit things are as bad as they are. She is very passive and loving. If comfortable she may slip out little bits of sarcasm or blunt truths, but as a general statement she is overly polite and fears offending others. She was a victim of Stockholm syndrome in her marriage to the mole and is still highly susceptible to empathizing with those whom hold her captive.
-New- As she has been within the Town and creating friendships she has picked up a bit of a motherly feel in her mannerisms. Usually pretty collected and calm with a strong desire to make sure those she is attached to are doing well.

If asked, Thumbelina would say her life has been one filled with heartache and that she wouldn't wish to burden anyone with it. She was born from a flower to a loving mother and her childhood was a wonderful experience. Her mother would build her lakes, other structures for play, and an assortment of different trinkets. Happy and spoiled, she reached puberty with few worries and nearly no stress. By her 16th year she was one of the most beautiful of maidens.. and that was the unfortunate cause of her problems.
One night as she slept she was stolen away, bed and all, by a mother toad. The toad had hoped she would make a lovely bride for her ugly son; the mother toad placed her on a lily-pad to keep her from running away. Thumbelina was scared and confused when she woke up in a strange place surrounded by water so deep she was sure she would drown if she left the pad. As she sat, she curled into a ball in her own anxiety, wondering not only how, but also why she was there on that lily-pad. Eventually the mother toad returned, this time with her son. The boy toad just stared at Thumbelina, the impure intentions within his mind were painfully obvious even though he said not a word. Uncomfortable with his stare she tried to scoot back, only to find the edge of the lily-pad there. This was when she heard the mother toad tell her that she would be marrying her son. Before she had a chance to argue the mother toad had stolen her bed and the pair had retreated, leaving her once again alone on the lily-pad. This time she wept, with no idea what she would do next. Much to her surprise, the solution came from the fish below who she assumed had taken pity on her and chewed the lily-pad free from it's roots. She was filled with new hope as she watched the scenery go by.
As she was swept down the river, a May bug flew beside her and showered her with praise for her beauty. She was so flattered; she had never been complimented by anyone but her mother. He asked her to come with him to where he lived and she agreed. The may bug plucked her up off the lily-pad and carried her to a collection of other may bugs. However, they did not find her nearly as beautiful as the male who had brought her to them. The female may bugs mocked and insulted her till the male agreed with them and gave her the boot. Thumbelina's self esteem was crushed. She truly believed herself to be as ugly as they said she was. Unable to find her way home, she spent the summer camping out under field of over grown clovers. She sustained herself easily off the land during this time of plenty.. but Fall brought new problems and soon led to the start of winter. She attempted to use a leaf to keep herself warm, but it was dry from fall and only cracked as she bent it. Cold and starving she tried asking a field mouse for help. The field mouse took pity on her pathetic state and took Thumbelina into her hole for the winter. The field mouse urged Thumbelina to marry her friend Mr. Mole as he was rich and had a burrow much larger than hers. While Thumbelina did not find herself even remotely interested in a marriage with the mole, that was precisely what ended up happening. The mole had fallen in love with her singing voice and made all the preparations without asking her consent. She disliked living so far underground and never enjoyed “lovemaking”. But the lifespan of moles is a much shorter one than her own, and Mr. Mole died a few months back. It took her a while regain the courage to finally leave the hole she had lived in for the past five years. After digging her way free from her prison like home she found the land outside far removed from what she had remembered.. had her desire to escape brought her here? She could only wonder as she entered the town.
New Thumbelina has now lived in the town for quite a few months and is starting to feel comfortable. She has acquired a pet (A corgi puppy she calls Reginald) as well as a small lot of farmland. The people of the town have been primarily kind and it has been easier for her to let herself care for others than she had thought it would be and she smiles more than she thought she'd be ever able to again. On top of all  that she has found her species to be more like she suspected and she hopes to better understand the magic within her.

Relationship status: Taken- in a relationship with Cassius

Orientation: Pan-romantic Asexual

Relationships: New… New <3 updated~

Has a puppy named Reginald…
Her singing voice…
The Face in the app is there in how her human sized form appears. :) Enjoy.

The outfit was bought, see original here… It was modified a bit.

Earings by YugureMuffin

Something worthy of note, when she is in her human sized form her colors become more bright and pale. She would be wearing whatever she was in when she shifted form. She would look like this…
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Litriu Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
She is insatiably gorgeous! I swear, she'd make anything beautiful.
Mifmemo Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thumbelina: "I-I'm not..."

hehe, I'm glad you like her design. She's really fun to draw 'cause so curvy XD hourglass is my favorite bodytype to draw.
Litriu Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Girl, you gorgeous.

I love that you made her a slightly more... Meaty hourglass. She doesn't look disproportionate in any way, she's stunning, and she maintains that nice curvy look without over-doing anything.

Mifmemo Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
shoot ment to link in the last comment here oez…
Mifmemo Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really? I always thought she appeared to be a pretty thin hourglass, but that's 'cause she has a long torso.. I think her curved are shown best in her original outfit.. most of the things she's been wearing lately are somewhat loose.
Litriu Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
By a meatier hourglass, I meant that she looked real. Not... Lonely-Dude Anime. A slender form, but not an excessively slim waist. She's idealized, but not so much so that she's unbelievable.
Mifmemo Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yeah. That's just how I draw I think? I mean... I was worse at drawing people awhile ago... but most of my more recent characters follow relatively believable proportions.
Litriu Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
True. I'm jealous of your skills with anatomy. XP
Mifmemo Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
QAQ you are?! but you do good anatomy!
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whianem Nov 14, 2013   Digital Artist
Aaaaw T^T that dress!
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