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Thumbelina exited the pawnshop far more relieved than she had entered it. Honestly she really had no idea who the cloaked woman was... she thought they'd called her Grimhilde. But in the end that was probably irrelevant, she simply had a dislike for her presence. She was back in her normal sized form and was riding on Reginald's head without her wings. //Hopefully that woman has left my property by now...// Was the thought running through her head as she started heading home.

Having managed to get all the way back to her home before realizing that she hadn't asked Thumbelina for the item she was looking for, Matches had hiked up her skirts and run back towards her new friends farm and was pleasantly surprised to see both Reginald and Thumbelina before she'd had to run too far. "Miss Thumbelina! I was looking for you!" She laughed quietly as she slowed her pace and lowered her skirts back down. "Are you always in the right place at the right time?"

"Not usually.. Though it does seem to be a trend as of late.." Thumbelina smiled up at her with a tilt of her head. "What can I help you with?"

Matches puffed some of her hair out of her face. "I meant to ask you earlier if you have any Pennyroyal. I'm almost out and I need it for....things."

"Things...?" Thumbelina watched her with a brow raised. "I might have some dried from spring.. but it can be very toxic if used improperly.."

"Serious things?" She shrugged before continuing, "I use them in my candles sometimes, and occasionally add a sprig to tea when my stomach is upset. I had some in my travel bag but most of it was crushed so I was hoping you had some."

"Well we can certainly check, would you care to follow me home?" Thumbelina smiled and resumed the path to her house.

Matches nodded and stepped after Thumbelina and Reginald. "Did you make it into town okay? With...that thing lurking I was a little worried."

"I made it alright, and I would have been joining Cassius for lunch shortly anyway." Thumbelina paused. "... But what was... it?.. She? There was a very negative feeling after her arrival."

Matches went quiet for a moment as she walked then spoke softly, "I saw her yesterday. She appeared and pulled at Mr. Rodel like a plague. I thought at first maybe I was just being cruel. I make quick impressions sometimes and forget to be gentle with my judgment." Frost formed across her nose as she walked, an after effect of her being worried. "I checked the light though, and she is darkness incarnate. She pulls our huntsman into its grasp and leads him into terrible things. Child-eater, they called her. Huntress of the innocent. It will be a dark day when she fully turns her attention to us all." Blinking out of her reverie, Matches smiled awkwardly at Thumbelina. "Or something. I get confused sometimes."

"I see..." Thumbelina spoke quietly as she appeared to be thinking. ".. So I wasn't imagining it... I had thought that Rodel seemed.. different with her there.. and not in a good way.."

Matches wrinkled her nose to get the frost off "No. I think she puppets him without his knowing.Or maybe he suspects but cannot help it" She glanced at Thumbelina and smiled softly, "You were very fierce you know, it was interesting to see."

Thumbelina smiled back to her. "I do not like seeing bad things happen to kind people.. especially those I care about..." She shrugged in a defeated manner. ".. But I am very weak.. I know there is little I could do to help... Though I am.. somewhat worried.. it had sounded like that creature was having Rodel track me down... I am worried she may return to my home.."

Matches sighed. "I was worried about that too actually. Is there anyone that lives around you that could keep watch?" She rubbed her arm as she walked, "I don't like that she called you 'it'. 'It' isn't something you say when you have any measure of value in something."

"I am not that valuable.. so I don't really mind that so much.." Thumbelina purses her lips in thought. "Well.. Fendel lives next door to me... But I would think Cassius would notice most if I went missing.. Oh and Kadar is living with me... He's a genie so perhaps he'll be able to help protect the house from dark magic.."

There was squinting, oh how Matches squinted at Thumbelina. "You're valuable." Matches stopped walking and brushed at the ice that was forming on her legs, "Good, good. I'm glad you're not alone." Thumbelina's words registered after a moment. "A real genie?"

Thumbelina smiled awkwardly. "I don't think I'm anything specially.. but yes, Kadar is a genie. He made my house." The group reached her yard and she climbed up and opened the gate.

"I've never met a genie. Are they nice? Or did he try to make you bargain for your house?" Matches paused and waited, rocking on her heels a little as she did so.

"He is a very kind kid.. but he recently lost many of his memories.. But he is very dear to me." Reginald ran through the open gate as Thumbelina walked over to her cellar. "If I have any Pennyroyal it'll be in here.. I will be back shortly." She starts down the tiny stairs into her cellar.

"How does one-" blinking a moment, Matches nodded quickly and followed Thumbelina cover towards her cellar and was almost immediately distracted  by the sun striking a dust mote as it floated through the air. She laughed as she followed it, wandering a bit away from where she was supposed to be waiting.

After a few moments she came out of the cellar holding a few sprigs of Pennyroyal. "Matches?" She called out loudly while looking for the girl who had wandered.. hoping she hadn't gone too far off.

Having lost track of the dust mote Matches was hard at work debating the merits of poking the odd coloured lump she'd found on the ground when she heard her name called. It took her a moment but she finally remembered what she'd been doing and ran back over to Thumbelina laughing. "Sorry! I got distracted."

"Oh that's quite alright." Thumbelina smiled and held the sprigs up above herself. "Will this be enough for your needs?"

Grinning, she took the sprigs. "This will be perfect! Thank you Miss Thumbelina. What would you like for them in exchange?"

"I don't need anything in exchange." Thumbelina smiled waving her hands dismissively. "I just hope they help you to do.. well whatever it was you needed them for."

Matches hesitated a moment, "Are you sure? I really don't feel right just taking them. Is there anything you'd want that I could make you maybe?"

Thumbelina shakes her head. "Don't worry about it, I like helping people.. OH! Did you get one of the fruitcakes Kadar and I made? We made lots of them."

She shook her head, "I didn't and thank you, I guess. I didn't mean to just ask you for something without trade." Matches wrapped the sprigs in a small cloth she'd pulled from her bustle then tucked them away in the thing. "Next time I'll bring you something."

"Only if you want to.. Here I'll give you two so you can give Travis one too." Thumbelina went back underground, pulling out two wrapped fruit cakes each roughly the size of two fists. "Be careful eatting them.. they're quite alcoholic."

She nodded, "I do." Blinking, Matches took the cakes and smiled, "Thank you again! I think he'll like them!" Instead of tucking those away she held them and just smiled at Thumbelina. "If I head back now will you be alright? Kadar is here still, yes?"

"Don't worry about me, I'll be alright." Thumbelina smiled up at her. "Go ahead and have some fun with your dear friend, he seems like a kind fellow."

Matches smiled and waved to Thumbelina, "Okay. We'll try but there's so much to clean still.  Thank you again Miss Thumbelina. Be well!" She straightened and waved again before turning to go. Looking up at the sky Matches sighed quietly, then flicking a match to light it she tossed the flame to dance over her head and ran towards her new home.

RP with the loveable *ScelestaNix and her character Matches.

Thumbelina belongs to Me
Matches belongs to *ScelestaNix
ScelestaNix Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013
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