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December 1, 2013
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Word count: 3684 total
-(Thumbelina) Mifmemo: Words 1896
-(Cassius) Blueberried: Words 1788

Thumbelina was utilizing her full sized form to get the full experience out of the bath house. She had already undressed and climbed into the water to relax, though she found it somewhat hard to keep from floating as her form was not dense.
(Oh, forgot, her hair would be down, long to about her waist)

Cassius curiously stepped inside the bath house, he had never been inside it till today. Walking over to the shelves to put your clothes and began to remove his own. Once he had stripped down, Cassius cautiously peeked inside the bath area. "Oh! Thumbelina!" He called out, pleasantly surprised to see her. Stepping around the corner he walked to the edge of the water and slowly lowered himself into it, hissing at the change in temperature. "Oh... this is nice..." he mumbled and went down to his neck in the water.

Thumbelina hadn't been paying much attention to her soundings and was surprised to hear a voice at all. She was relived it was a voice she knew and she slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Cassius. She choked down a giggled when he hissed at the water. "Have you been here before?"

Cassius shook his head "No... I've never been here or anywhere like it to be honest.". He sighed in content and leaned back against the cooler stone behind him. "Do you come here often?" He asked curiously.

"More so now of days, it's too cold now to bathe in my pond. Actually I usually use that tiny tub over there." She smiled fondly. " Kadar made it for me the first day I had arrived in town."

Cassius looked to where she pointed at the little tub. "It's quite well-made!" He said with a smile and looked back at Thumbelina. "Does it feel any different, with the size change and all?" He asked and gestured in her direction.

"Well.." She looked down at where she had wrapped her feet around something on the floor to keep herself in her seat. ".. I float much more..."

Cassius blinked and grinned "You float more, huh?". Stretching slightly he swam over to her and leaned against a rock near her.

"Yes, I don't have much weight for my large from." She smiled when he came over, her hair floated all over the surface of the water and some stuck to her face. She seemed to be successfully keeping herself in the water so that just her shoulders were above the water.

Tilting his head he said "You'd think your hair would be heavy enough with the weight of the water to keep you submerged better... but I guess that's not the case. Hmmm." Looking around the bathhouse, Cassius realized they were they only ones there.

"I do not think this form is very dense. it's more noticeable in water..." She looked around the room after him. "I wouldn't expect any other people, I usually come at night because it's more empty."

"Oh, hmmm, that's really quite interesting actually." He commented and tipped his head back. "You'd think it'd be more busy at night when it's colder out..." He said and closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth.

"Really?" She giggled. "I had assumed they would all be in bed.. Did you just close up your shop for the day?" She felt comfortable around him, and relaxed in the water.

Cassius nodded "Yes, I was closing up shop when some people passed by an mentioned the bath house. Reminded me that I wanted to check it out." He gestured around the room and said "So here I am~"

"Well I hope you're enjoying yourself. It's a nice place I think." She sighed lightly, it had been very busy of late and she hardly even had any crops left. It had just been the event and business in town.. "I tried to apply for a singing job earlier.. Then I realized the sort of place the one hiring was when the owner started asking the boys trying to be hired to take their clothes off and dance on a pole.. it was very strange.."

Cassius blinked and stared at Thumbelina for a few moments before his whole body began to shake to try and keep from laughing. "Hehe, oh my... you were at some sort of strip joint most likely...". He covered his mouth trying to stifle his giggles.

At first his laughter confused her, but she soon found that she was giggling at herself as well. She shook her head as her giggles subsided. "I suppose it is funny for a girl like me to be there.. Others only want to see attractive people in places like that." She smiled giggling again lightly at the thought.

Cassius suddenly frowned and tipped his head to the side. "M'dear Thumbelina, you don't consider yourself attractive?" He asked and lifted a hand out of the water to push a lock of hair behind her ear. "Because I think you'll find that many think you are quite beautiful~" He grinned and patted her cheek.

"..." Thumbelina turned away, her cheeks gaining a faint red color. "... I don't think I can believe that.. No one ever says that and actually means it.."

Cassius smiled sadly. "Thumbelina... you are beautiful... your looks and who you are as a person.". Leaning back against the wall, he rested his head back and added "Cross my heart, that you're beautiful.".

"..." She seemed to be thinking for a moment before looking up and moving towards him, embracing him in what would've been a tight hug if she'd had the strength (but ended up feeling like a light brushing of pressure). "Thank you for thinking so highly of me.. I think you're beautiful on the inside too.. though.. I guess I can't say much about external beauty.. because don't know much about it..."

Cassius flinched when she embraced him and held his arms awkwardly out and to the sides. Hesitantly he put his arms around her. "Of course M'dear... and haha, I'm a spider... we aren't exactly the prettiest of things~" He grinned down at her.

"... I didn't mean it in that way.." She loosened her grip and looked at him seriously. ".. I don't really think of stuff like species as important.. I will always smile when I see you and it has nothing to do with how you appear, though I am sure anyone who cared would find you quite lovely to look at."

Cassius smiled "You're one of the first I've met with ideals like that...". He relaxed a little more into the hug when she reduced her grip. "Thank you though~"

"With my history it's not really that odd.. I spent a great deal of time around creatures of the forest." She began to worry that she was hugging him too long and slowly pulled her arms away. ".. I hope I didn't make you too uncomfortable.. I just felt like giving you a hug.."

Cassius shrugged his shoulders "True.". He leaned back once she pulled back and stopped the hug. "Don't worry, it was... nice. I don't often get hugs~" He grinned and said "Thank you for the hug, M'dear~"

Thumbelina sat down next to him and smiled watching curiously as she spoke. "Would you like them more often then?"

Cassius blinked and nodded slowly, thinking it over. "Yes... I suppose. The contact is nice, though I don't think I'd be able to stomach too much..." He said, slightly disturbed by having to much physical contact not initiated by himself.

"I'll remember that.. And.. you know.. You're always welcome to hug me if you wish to.. not that you would.. but I wouldn't mind." She shrugs and sinks her shoulders back into the water. "... What was your life like before coming here? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.." As she spoke she sank herself lower into the water so it was just below her nose.

Cassius regarded her for a moment and nodded "I'll remember that~". Sinking down into the water until his nose was just above it, Cassius thought about his life before the town. Tipping his head back so he could speak he said "Once I was old enough I left home and traveled... as far as I could. That's all I did for a long time, until... let's just say I got tired of never being able to settle into a place. Most areas didn't accept my kind... people don't like spiders..." Pausing he finished "When I found this town and saw how diverse it's people were, I decided to stay. Even if I'm still a very disliked creature, I don't have to worry that much about the townsfolk coming and burning my lodgings down." He smiled sadly.

"I can't understand why anyone would treat you like that.. you've never been anything but kind to me.. I'm glad you're here." She had lifted her head out a bit to talk so her smile was visible.

Cassius smiled softly, sadness on the edge of it and said "I'm not as nice as I seem... I'm... not a good person and I never will be." He paused and sighed softly. "But thank you... for appreciating my company as I appreciate yours.".

"Or maybe you're just letting others make you think you're a bad person.. After all I've let others think for me for years, so I suppose it could happen to others too."

Cassius shook his head and said "Maybe, but most likely not. I've never been... morally sound even when I was home among brothers and sisters.".

"I don't think morality makes one a 'good' person.. I feel like I could trust you to keep my secrets and that I could depend on you if I were ever in trouble..." She rested her head softly on his shoulder. ".. That's why I see you as my friend.. not because of something so dependent on the views of others." She sighed. "I'm sorry, I likely sound like a nag now.. How 'bout I tell you a bit about myself? Honestly I generally just see my life before coming here as too depressing to share.. but it's not really fair of me to keep quiet while you share so much.."

Cassius smiled at her. "You are far too sweet... how is it someone exists like you?". Relaxing into the way she leaned on him, he said "Maybe I'm just not used to meeting and getting to know and genuinely good person..." Feeling a bit brave, Cassius leaned into her ear. "Can I tell you a secret?" He asked and wiggled his eyebrows with a grin.

"Of course." Thumbelina watched him curiously.

Cassius nuzzled closer to her and said in a low voice "When I saw you at the mansion, feels like so long ago now... but when i saw you, even though you were so small. I think a part of me just clicked.". Resting his chin on her head, he murmured "I wanted to get to know you and keep you close...".

She didn't know what to say... His words were so honest and genuine.. but still she didn't think herself worthy of such warmth. "... But.. I'm a very broken person.. You hardly know anything about me... If you knew how damaged I was... you wouldn't want me..."

Cassius merely sighed and continued to rest his head on hers. "Everyone's broken, M'dear... even the best of us.". He put a finger under her chin and gently tiled her head up. "It's what you do with the broken bits of yourself that make you who you are as time goes on.". He said and stared into her eyes. "And you, no matter how broken you may be, are strong and wonderful.".

Her cheeks lit up in a vibrant red and she found herself at a loss for words. Her mouth moved a few times in an attempt, but no words came out.

Cassius grinned as he watched her struggle to say something. "I see I've rendered you speechless~" He said and giggled.

She looked away trying to refocus her thoughts, though she could do little to help with the color in her cheeks and unfamiliar intensity to her heartbeat. "... I am likely sterile.. and have been through a miserable arranged marriage in the past..." She looked back up at him, her eyes sad and almost pleading for acceptance. ".. Do you still wish to try with me?"

Cassius blinked and leaned forward until he was level with Thumbelina's face. "M'dear Thumbelina~" He started and touched her shoulder "Why wouldn't I?" He said and smiled softly.

A big smile spread across her face and tears of joy started forming at her eyes.  She leaned forward and softly planted a kiss on his lips.

Cassius grinned against her lips and as she moved away, he quickly kissed the corner of her mouth. Noticing the slight glimmer in her eyes, he cupped her face and kissed her softly, properly. "You okay?" He murmured against her lips.

"Y-yes.. I'm just.. very happy.." Thumbelina rested against the hands he held her face with as she continued to smile. "You are.. very soft.. it's nice."

Cassius grinned "I'm glad you're happy... I am as well~". Cocking his head to the side he said "I'm soft am I?" and with a chuckle leaned forward and rubbed his cheek against hers.

Thumbelina nuzzled her cheek against his quietly as she enjoyed an emotion she'd never thought she would feel.

With a content sigh, Cassius nestled his head into her neck and murmured "You smell nice, anyone ever tell you?".

".. No..." Thumbelina snuggled against him softly. "...You smell nice too." She planted a kiss on his ear as a thought hit her.. she wasn't sure how much more time this form had left.

Cassius smiled and cuddled closer to her. "Now that I can safely say I have never heard before~".

"I.. I am unsure how long we have been here.. But.. I do not think this form will hold up much longer.. And I would hate to be in the water when it expires..." She looked into his eyes lovingly, as she brushed some of his hair out of his face. ".. But if  you wished to spend more time together still.. I could come home with you for the night."

Cassius pulled her closer "If you do happen to change forms, I'll make sure you don't fall into the water.." He said. Looking down at her, Cassius said "It's up to you. I don't want you to feel rushed... and..." He paused, a light blush spreading across his cheeks. "I've never actually... been involved with someone before... So, everything is quite new." He finished and scratched the back of his head.

Thumbelina snuggled against him, wrapping her arms around him and burying her face in his soft chest. She was so close she wondered if he could feel the rapid beating of her heart. "... It's.. my first time feeling like this... I had actually thought I never would.." She looked up at him and smiled lovingly, her cheeks still a vibrant red color. "I don't think I feel rushed.. I just.. Hmm." She shook her head giggling lightly. "It probably sounds dumb.. But I just wish to be near you.."

Cassius wrapped his arms around her after hesitating for a moment. "I as well thought I would never experience feeling... this about someone else.". He watched her curiously when she looked up and his mouth opened slightly, unsure of what to say. Collecting his thoughts, he pulled her in closer and said "Then I guess we feel the same..."

Thumbelina just rested against him quietly, though her mass seemed to be getting lighter. After a few moments her form reverted.

Cassius quickly scooped her up and held her close. "Well, little miss. What now?" He asked and leaned against a heated rock.

"... I don't know..." She rested calmly against his hand. "... I would have likely gone home quite awhile ago had you not come.. I'm glad you did.. but still it's very late for me.. I am used to rising early.. but I would still be willing to go home with you.. if you wished to talk more..."

Cassius himself felt a yawn coming on and stifled it. "If you want, we can just go to my shop and sleep... it is fairly late..." He murmured.

"... I'd like that.." Thumbelina smiled, she knew she couldn't be seen but unlike so often when she would force herself to smile.. at the moment it just seemed to come naturally.

Cassius smiled and headed towards the edge of the bath house so they could leave. "Where did you put your clothes?" He asked.

"I can get to them myself." When he stopped to collect his clothes she climbed down his arm and up to where she had put her clothes. Then she dressed and sat at the edge of the shelf where her clothes had been, waiting for him to dress.

Cassius finished pulling on his coat and held out his hand for her to climb on. "It's a bit chilly outside so you can rest in my coat if you want..."

"Thank you.. I think I will.." Thumbelina climbed onto his hand and up his arm and seated herself between his neck and the collar of his shirt. She was sure it'd be warm there, plus she hated being in pockets.. they always seemed too deep and made her feel claustrophobic.

Cassius waited until she was settled and then exited the bath house, bracing himself for the cold. The trip too his shop and home was uneventful.

"So you live in your shop?" She looked around somewhat exited to see more of his world.. she wondered if he kept his home part tidy.

Cassius nodded and gently took her from his coat and hung it up. "It's just up the stairs in the backroom..." He said and gestured at the backroom as he removed his shoes. "One moment though... I know I have a doll bed around here somewhere... and it's one of those plush ones made for rich little kids and their dolls." He said and began looking through his shop.

"Oh that's useful.." She tried to help scan the room for the bed he was talking about, though having no idea what it looked like her success in helping was pretty impossible from the start.

Cassius ruffled through some stuff and then made a small noise, pulling out a doll's bed. Walking back over to Thumbelina he said "Alright, let's head up to my home~" and held his hand out for her to get on.

"I'm looking forward to it." Thumbelina smiled and climbed back onto his hand. "Thank you for having me over."

Cassius smiled at her as he made his way into and through the backroom. Blowing out the candle light in the backroom, he then ascended the stairs and entered his home. "Would you like a tour?" He asked.

"I'd love one." In truth she was quite tired.. and was even aware he was too.. but she had never seen his home before.. it was rather exciting.

Cassius smiled and led her through his home. "Here is the kitchen, it's small but suits my needs." He led her through to the next room which was filled with books, scrolls and maps. "This is everything I've kept through my travels..." He smiled and then went to a door and opened it "And here is my bedroom~" he finished with a sweep of his hand. Walking over to the desk by his bed, he set the doll bed down and asked. "Do you want something to drink or eat before sleep?".

Thumbelina watched with intrest as he led her through all the rooms of his small home.. she was particularly intrested in the different maps he owned. His room was nice in her opinion.. though she found it a bit amusing by size comparison her house seemed much bigger for her then his was for him. "I would be alright either way.. are you hungry?" She likely could take something, but she ate so little she knew she could sleep fine without it if he were just tired.

Cassius shook his head "No, merely wondering if you wanted something~". Stifling another yawn, Cassius went to his wardrobe and pulled out his pajamas, changing out of his regular clothes and then slipped into his bed. "If there is anything you need, feel free to wake me..." He said.

"I do not think that will be necessary... but thank you." Thumbelina hopped off onto the desk and walked over to the bed. She carefully removed her clothes, folding and placing them at the foot of the bed so she wouldn't get them any dirtier than they had to be before she went home. After that she sat on the doll bed and started braiding her hair for bed.

Cassius watched her braid her hair and said "Once you're done, I'll blow the candle out...". He yawned this time and asked "Do you want to have lunch with me tomorrow again?".

Thumbelina smiled warmly and ended up mimicking his yawn. Those things are contagious. "I would like nothing more than to spend your lunch hour with you." She finished off the braid and crawled into the bed. "If you'd like to help me.. I could bring ingredients and make something.. I just.. can't lift things once they get too heavy.. even in my larger size."

Cassius smiled sleepily "Alright... sounds good to me. We'll head over to your home and get the ingredients you want...". Pausing he leaned towards the candle and asked "Are you ready?".

"Yes. Goodnight Cassius dear." Thumbelina snuggled up into the blanket on her bed, starting to drift off.

Cassius smiled and blew out the candle before curling up in his covers. "Goodnight, M'dear~" He said softly and drifted off as well.

~RP end.
The RP for the amazing picture ~BlueBerried drew here…

These two.. I could just die they are so cute *sobs*

Thumbelina belongs to Me
Cassius belongs to ~BlueBerried
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Now how Kadar will cock block *shakes fist*
Mifmemo Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pfft hahaha, That coul be interesting!
I never got to ask you but, when you first joined the group, why did you always wanted to rp with Kadar?
Mifmemo Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Because I liked his character. Plus you were nice and always on so it was an easy RP :) why else?
Because no one showed much interest on him before and I was like "Tiny person like little blue boy? Since when?" xD
Mifmemo Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah yeah, actually I saw him before I saw your nads and I was like 'wow that character looks super awesome' Then yeah.

I actually didn't expect her to start feeling so motherly protective of him though.. hmm..
did you want another thing? 
Mifmemo Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eh, well I didn't think she'd see him as such a child... but he really seems like a kid wanting a family. I am actually really happy with how it all worked out.
WildLilLavenderChild Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm dying from so much cuteness!! :iconsobbplz:
My Ideal couple! :heart:
Mifmemo Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome XD I'm sure there's more to come.
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