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IoQ: Thumbelina by Mifmemo IoQ: Thumbelina by Mifmemo

Full Name: Thumbelina Estair VonBartok
Goes By: Mom, Mother and Momma mostly (Though some old friends call her Thumby)
Age: 25
Birthday: September 15th
Weight: Variable, She is not human, her human-sized form is comprised entirely of magic and as such never reaches a weight above 25lbs and if she has been using spells is generally lower. Her true weight is only a few ounces.
Height: 5'9” (Though her base form is only about 2in)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pan-Romantic Asexual (Mate of Waldor)
Occupation level: Farmer Level 5


- Empathy
- Sensitive
- Rapid Healing
- Composed
- Eidetic Memory


- Sense of Duty
- Weak Will
- Honesty
- Truthfulness


- Herbology
- Planting
- Harvesting
- Cooking
- Baking
- Bard
- Animal Husbandry
- Domestication
- Crafting
- Writing
- Pottery
- Spinning
- Weaving
- Canning
- Smoking
- Grain-growing
- Astronomy
- Geology
- Swimming
- Teaching
- Preserving
- Animal riding
- Babysitting
- Healing – Level 1
- (Root Shield) Earth Defensive magic – Level 6
- (Root Bind) Bind/Paralysis - Level 1

Liked Gifts:

- Animals
- Slightly Sweet Dishes
- Vegetable Dishes
- Toys
- Seeds
- Plants
- Tea
- Assistance

Disliked Gifts:

- Overly Sweet Dishes
- Stolen Goods
- Snow
- Weapons


Motherly | Diligent | Helpful | Thoughtful | Fretful | Passive | Loyal | Kind
Thumbelina is the sort of person to quietly care for others and speak very little. When she does speak it is usually to voice her concern for another person. She loves people very deeply and never forgets the people she has met. Her thoughts have a tendency to be scattered and usually negative. She worries constantly about others... If they are upset.. what they are doing.. are they safe? Currently her thoughts linger most on the beloved husband she was separated from when her children and her were pulled through the portal to the island. She works hard to maintain a positive appearance for her offspring, but at the moment she is quite fragile. Her hope that they will meet again being the only thing aside from her children holding her together emotionally.

Origin: Nellis a Port City in the world of Pell. A place where fairytales and mythical characters are real.


Her beliefs most closely resemble those of old european paganism and earth worship. She isn't particularly religious so much as that she feels a strong connection with nature and a deep respect for the spirits of the earth. She celebrates the changing of the seasons and holidays related to such. She had a rather sheltered childhood so she has only minimal beliefs founded on her own experiences. Nudity doesn't bother her and she tries hard to not judge others.

Life History:

Given to a lonely woman by a fairy, She had be born from a flower and raised alone on a small farm in the forest. Her mother loved and care for her and the land they were on dearly and was quite kind. In her teens she had been stolen away and forced into an abusive marriage. Years later upon the death of her husband she began to explore the world on her own and settling in a small port city. Inside the city she found the strength she had forgotten she had as well as a man she considered to be her true love. The two had left the city together and traveled a bit before returning to settle down with their newly adopted son and soon to be born daughter. In the following year the two had a son together as well. She was settled and content with her life in Nellis, those were the happiest years of her life.

Before arrival:

“Ah! Don't pull your brother's hair Melanie!” The golden colored fairy hurried over to take her infant from the grip of her daughter. Granted that her species was born with nearly a year of age on their human counterparts, the little boy was not handling his sister's abuse well. Tears welled up in little eyes as his mother held him, she rocked him slightly in an attempt to soothe him.
“We were playing and he was being a sissy! He's no fun at all you should replace him.” The little girl puffed her cheeks and crossed her arms. Her mother was about to speak again when the little girl saw another boy approaching them. “Yay big brother is here!” The small girl ran over to the older boy and reached her arms in the air, she was sure he should hold her. “Up now.”

“Oh Johnathan.” Thumbelina shook her head at her daughter's behavior and sighed before going over to her eldest son. “Is it time for lunch already?” He appeared as though he was about to speak but didn't have a chance to before they were all pulled through a portal that had opened under their feet.

Prefered RP method:

- Chatroom: Preferred
- Comments: I don't usually take these as serious
- Google docs: No
- Notes: No
- Paragraph: Fine
- Script: Sure
- Skype: Preferred for 1 on 1 Rps only
- Questions? Ask.

Nellis is just a generic port city I am going to use for her previous home city, people whom I have RPed with in the past using her are welcome to use the city as well, the world of Pell can be used by anyone who's character could be from there and doesn't want to make thier own world. A side note, Thumbelina and her family come from a point in the time stream 2 years ahead of anything I had RPed, you can take yourself from where ever in the time you want if you use the same location of origin, just lemme know if you do choose to use.. or not.. whatever. :)
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Well basic plot "Characters are pulled through a portal and dropped on this island where they have to rebuild their lives and fight/domesticate monsters."

We run on leveling characters and stats. stats are so that we can either roll dice or use the simulator. the simulator is pretty much a mini-game that controls monsters so that people can fight monsters without mod/dice.

Reading the journals is a must.… <- should be the mobile version of the chatroom.
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Actually, we're more.. RP based than art based. Like there are things with art, but we always try to keep things open for writers. I think the only thing you would really require art for is the app.. so If you needed help with that I could help.

The best way to be a member is to just stop by the chat and rp/chatter with everyone.
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