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Application Jacan by Mifmemo Application Jacan by Mifmemo

Full Name: Jacan Ashter Starling
Goes By: Jacan or Mr. Starling (dislikes nicknames)
Age: 19
Weight: 200lbs
Height: 6'1”
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight (Taken)
Occupation level: Doctor Level 3


- 3D Spatial Sense
- Combat reflexes
- Deep Sleeper
- Composed
- Very Fit
- Manual dexterity
- Single-minded
- Strong Will


- Sense of Duty
- Low Empathy
- Callous
- Intolerance
- Stubbornness


- Hand Weapon
- Brawling
- Politics
- Cooking
- First Aid
- Physician
- Diagnosis
- Mathematics
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Writing
- N/A

Liked Gifts:

- Animals
- Coffee
- Artisan crafts
- Salty/Savory Dishes
- Roasted Seeds
- Clothes
- Tea
- Violets
- Secrets

Disliked Gifts:

- Sweet Dishes
- Stolen Goods
- Books
- Lies


Serious | Stoic | Uninterested | Thoughtful | Composed | Loyal | Indifferent
Jacan generally comes of as fairly cold and indifferent to the interests or concerns of others. This isn't entirely true though, he tends to be far kinder to children but incredibly untrusting of adults. He doesn't usually say much, and when he does it is sometimes sexist or otherwise offensive to others. However if actions speak louder than words one would notice he usually uses his time to try and create order and help people on a larger scale, perhaps he never really stopped feeling a need to take care of people on a kingly scale.

Origin: Nellis a Port City in the world of Pell. A place where fairytales and mythical characters are real. Before Living in Nellis he was king of a kingdom called Aerii.


His beliefs are more from a medieval society, Where men are valued above women, and their skills are usually more related to combat. He has a strong sense of which behaviors are acceptable and which are not.. and nudity and certain behaviors out of wedlock are certainly not.

Life History:

Jacan was the youngest of seven children born to a king. He doesn't recall much about his youth, but knows he was only about two when his father's second wife put a curse on him and his five brothers turning them into swans. Their only salvation was his sister who hadn't been seen by their step mother. But to break the curse she was required to neither speak or laugh for six years and weave a shirt of starwort for each of the brothers. Being so young when the curse was enacted he spent the majority of his early childhood as a swan, with only 15 minutes a day where he could shift into his human form. He had heard from those at the castle that his sister had suffered greatly for her dedication to his brothers and him. While she'd been chosen by a king and married in the time she made the shirt, her mother in law hated her and stole all three of her children after birth and accused his sister of eating her own infants and was about to be burned at the stake when she had finally be silent long enough to break the curse.. unfortunately she was unable to finish all of the shirts and Jacan was left with the arm of a swan.
So his life as a noble prince as far as he was concerned didn't start till he was just over eight years old. Life in the castle was peaceful and while he was still young he liked to be a clown among his brothers.. But as he aged the difference in his appearance began to wear on him. At all the grand celebrations he could hear the whispers among the crowd. “My goodness, the young prince would be quite attractive.. if it wasn't for his misfortune.” That's what all the nobles referred to it as his misfortune as if he were less of a person because of a curse he did nothing to deserve. This caused him to be become introverted in his early teens, he started to skip events held at the castle and spend large quantities of time alone in the woods and practicing sword play.
When he was seventeen he was arranged to marry a princess from a neighboring kingdom. It was a good marriage for him, the princess was the only heir to the throne which meant that he would be king upon their marriage. He had thought her to be very beautiful and shortly after their marriage she gave birth to a healthy looking child. He was so happy that he didn't pay any heed to the fact the child didn't look like him. But the truth, as he soon found out, was not so warm and lovely. His bride seemed to be already smitten by another in the court and when Jacan over heard to two plotting to take him out the truth in his marriage was clear. The princess had only wanted an excuse to bear a child and seize the crown for herself. Jacan was no longer needed, but more importantly, he no longer wished to live. He went to the highest tower in the castle and jumped. Death however was not to be his fate. He hit the moat below and drifted down the stream where he was found and cared for by a beautiful blonde woman.

Before arrival:

♂ Jacan took a defensive stance and readied his wing as a defensive measure. Taking in a deep breath he raised his sword and stood his ground. "Come at me."
♀ Dorothea blinked, hesitating a bit. She balanced her body and firmly held her rapier. She breathed steadily and preformed a simple stab forward with the grace of fencing.
♂ He caught her blade with the feathers of his wing as he spun around her, feathers falling to the ground. "You're holding back Milady." He whispered in her ear as he tapped her back with the hilt of his rapier.
♀ Light panic took the better of her. Slightly taken aback by his words she replied: "Y-Your feathers, are you sure this is alright?" She swiftly faced him again, still holding up her rapier because his answer might be yes. Still hesitant she awaited his answer.
♂ Jacan took a small hop backwards with a light bow, restoring the distance between them. "Of course, my wing is mostly feathers that was a defensive maneuver." He resumed his defensive position.
♀ Still not entirely reassured she pulled her blade to her other hand. "I believe you." She then pulled it out swiftly again preforming a stab avoiding his wing, with grace her feet followed her arm movements.
♂ He smirked lightly, the wing seeming to move in front of were she aimed as if it were some sort of shield. it became obvious he was relying on his ability to move quickly rather than forceful attacks... it was also obvious he was playing with her and not taking this very seriously at all. Catching the blade again he spun away from her, the smirk remaining on his lips.
♀ Not amused nor serious, but rather worried she crossed his blade after he caught it again while he spun away from her. Upon noticing his smirk she didn't even know what to think about it. Should she feel happy that he was having fun? She didn't know. She still worried of hurting him and therefor avoided his body and wing and aimed for his blade.
♂ Jacan's smirk shifted into a faint frown as he watched her expression. He twisted his wrist and separated his sword from hers as he leaped backwards again."Do you wish to stop?" He held a defensive position as he watched her expression carefully.
♀ "I have no idea.", she replied. She stood up straight, perfectly balanced. "I am rather scared that y-... someone will get hurt." She pointed her blade to the ground.
♂ Jacan sighed. "Well I suppose I should not have expected you to be as capable of sparring as a man would be." He knew those sorts of comments got under her skin, and he wondered if such could bring out her actual abilities.
♀ She puffed her cheeks. "I learned sparring of a man. What would the difference be other than that I am smaller in posture?"
♂ "Women are too fragile and weak willed for combat." He spoke frankly, his face void of emotion as he held his sword at his side.
♀ "T-t-that's sexist. A woman can be perfectly capable of anything other than cleaning.", she thought of the time she handled a gun as well fenced with her brother.
♂ "Words are empty air Milady." Jacan returned to a defensive pose. "Prove it."
♀ She sighed. She brought her feet further apart. Without much further ado she attacked with an upwards motion.
♂ He stepped back at an angle, catching her sword with his and attempting to spin it out of her grip with his own.
♀ She tightened her grip around her rapier, following his motion. She broke the contact between the two blades and clashed hers against his again.
♂ The smirk returned to Jacan's lips as he slid his sword away from hers and stepped to the side again. "Impressive.. however.." He slipped a leg beneath her to cause her to trip. "I generally do not care for fighting fair." He continued to smirk as he sheathed his sword and extended his hand down to her.
♀ He unbalanced her and she fell. She stretched out her arm to obstruct herself from hitting the ground. It only made her fall softer. She puffed her cheeks and stabbed her rapier in the ground. Ignoring his hand she got herself up. She dusted off her butt and pulled her rapier out of the ground.
♂ She seemed a bit upset from what he gathered, but Jacan was still a fair bit amused by her expressions. "Though I suppose if you fought dirty as well I would have no chance against your charms." He watched her curiously, unsure if she would charge at him again.
♀ "If you're implying that I'd ever turn to such means, you'd be mistaken." What was he thinking? A lady would never use herself in such a manner. Although there were ladies that returned to seducing men just to get what they want, but such thing is vulgar.
♂ "Indeed, that is of course why I care for you." Jacan kept his sword sheathed and moved closer to her.
♀ The last words he spoke confused her a tad. They were quite different from his earlier entrapment. She had kept her rapier at rest, but now her hand around the hilt relaxed as well but then tightened again. What if he was playing dirty, again?
♂ He stopped for a moment, watching her face with mild concern. "Dorothea."
♀ "Y-yes?", her head shot up.
♂ "Are you still pleased with my company Milady?" Jacan seemed to have turned very serious with his expression.
♀ "Of course.", she replied without uncertainty.
♂ He paused, a brief concern showing on his serious expression. "I wish to... make your world brighter, how may I do that?"
♀ She blinked. "You already have."
♂ "Even more so." He looked at her seriously. "What are your wishes? What can I help you obtain in life?"
♀ "I-I-I don't know.", she got flustered.
♂ Jacan sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I am not sure where you stand on the matter but.. I have every intention to marry you... So.. your happiness is of the upmost importance to me."
♀ A deep blush crept up her cheeks. She started to fiddle with her rapier. She debated if she should answer and what. Her face kept rising in temperature. "I-I-I-I-I ...", she let go of her rapier and covered her face. "I am happy," she whispered, "very happy."
♂ Jacan took his hand and weaved it between her arms to free her face from her hands and lift her chin. "But I still do not know how to be a man worthy enough to ask for your hand." He looked into her eyes with a softly sad smile.
♀ Still blushing like a ripe tomato she stared at his face. She noticed the sadness behind his smile and just wanted to wipe it away. Hesitantly she lifted her hand, higher little by little. She didn't know what to answer. She caressed his cheek while wearing a soft loving expression. She hoped she could caress the sadness away.
♂ He closed his eyes and allowed her to caress his face. Jacan knew she was nothing like the queen he had married before.. but there was still a slight fear in his heart. "Milady.. I.." He was not able to finish his sentence though, as a hole formed under their feet and pulled them in before the pair could react.
♀ She listened carefully to what he was about to say. But the portal caught her completely off guard. She had hit her head upon arriving and laid unconsciously on the ground.

Prefered RP method:

- Chatroom: Preferred
- Comments: I don't usually take these as serious
- Google docs: No
- Notes: No
- Paragraph: Fine
- Script: Sure
- Skype: Preferred for 1 on 1 Rps only
- Questions? Ask.
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