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Hi, my name is Amber, but most people call me by Mifmemo, Miffy, Mif, Miff, Miffers and any other nickname based on my screen name.
I like cute things and nice people. feel free to chat~

Thanks for stopping by~<3

Current Residence: My own house! >D that's right!
Favourite genre of music: humor, techno or anime mostly
Wallpaper of choice: Kingdom hearts
Favourite cartoon character: Noda Megumi (Nodame)

So if you ever RP with me....

Babies everywhere. Probably the direction I will go. Yup.
I'm thinking of once again drawing my own christmas cards. Now you should remember that I am how I am and they won't be religious. But that said, If I were to print and mail would any of you all be game? uvu I think it'd be great to recieve some cards myself. SO lemme know if this is a good idea or if I'm just dumb. Have a wonderful day~!
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The sky was stained a vibrant pink and the morning mist still hung in the air as Mynx made her morning rounds. To be fair the English port they had stopped at was dreadfully cold for her, but she refused to dress like one of those... honestly she had no idea how those females moved in such restrictive garb. Besides if she kept moving fast she wouldn't be so cold. As of the moment the little 'savage' as she was sometimes referred had just climbed up the main mast and was checking the strength of the beams and sails. Luckily whatever battles the ship had seen before her joining did not seem to have left considerable damage.. yet. Feeling satisfied with her inspection, Mynx slid back down the main mast to continue her examination of the ship.
From an alleyway, a huge man appeared, keeping to the shadows. His intimidating bulk and ugly mass of scars was partly offset by the frilly parasol he kept over his close-cropped head, shielding him from the weak rays of the morning sun. He heaved a canvas bag over his shoulder and walked with purpose to his new home, the [[whatever the ship is named]].
There was a light thud as dark girl's feet hit the deck. The landing didn't faze her though and she was midway through turning on her heels when noticed the large man behind her. And frankly his appearance didn't startle or scare her at all. She gave the large strangely colored fellow a quick rather joking salute as she spun around him to continue her investigation of the ship. She seemed quite jolly for a pirate.. or slave. In truth she rather appeared like a slave of whoever ran the ship.
"Ahoy there!" the man shouted after her, carefully lowering his sack to the deck. "Are you crew..?" Yo had seen girls with her coloring in far off lands, but never ones with tattoos like that. Or running around half-naked on a ship with a man chasing them.
Mynx looked from the mast she had been examining back to the large mate. At least, he'd said 'crew' so she assumed he was also of the ship's employ. The girl nodded slowly to him, a single curious brow raised as she gave him her attention. The smile remained though. She had no reason to fear what she was sure to be a much slower person. She gestured towards him as if to ask what he needed.
A strange girl to be sure. He smiled-- a mass of scars wrinkling as he did so-- to look more pleasant. "Where can we stow our gear? Got things that need keeping safe you know."
Her brows moved together as she tried to understand all of what he'd said. But she gave up on most of it, her face brightening with understanding at the words 'stow' and 'gear'. She assumed he just used a lot of words to get that point across. There was a quick nod and she motioned him to follow her as she began to move down a set of stairs.
"You don't talk much, do ya?" he commented, following her down the slopping stairs. "You dumb?"
Mynx turned to face him, walking backwards with a surprising amount of grace. She didn't understand all of what he'd said, but she's caught the insulting nature of his tone and was not at all impressed. She frowned, tapping her throat lightly and shaking her head before turning back to face the direction she was moving in.
"Oh! I didn't mean to--" Yo's ears burn. He had meant mute, but his rough dockside speech had crept in and made it offensive.
Mynx shook with a bit of silent laughter as she waved a dismissive hand back to him. She wasn't really upset. True she didn't care for being insulted, but she also didn't care at all what he thought of her. She came to an abrupt stop in front of a door where all the crew members beds were.  They usually stored their things under the bed yes? Spinning on her heels once more to face him she motioned to the room with one of her hands as she smiled to him.
He's still embarrassed. "Thank you kindly, Missy. He picks a cot at random, and plops his bag on it to check it's contents. If she's standing close, she'd be able to see the dozens of tightly corked vials filled with thick red something.
The young girl was curious to a fault. After all, that was how she had found herself so far from home to begin with. She'd creeped along after the giant man and had been eying over his shoulder when she saw the vials, she was fairly certain she knew what they were.. but curiosity got the better of her and a tiny arm snuck around him to retrieve one of the vials. Then she examined it with a calm yet interested expression. What good would blood do for one on a ship.. it surely would not last long in the vials anyway.
"Hey!" Yo grabs her tiny arm in his meat paw. "Don't go stealing from pirates, I need those"
Stealing would be a strong word, as she had no intention of keeping it. Mynx twists her wrist slightly to offer it back to him. Curious confusion was written all over her face as she watched his reaction. While she did hope to learn more.. there was the fact that when he talked she hardly understood anyway.. made learning quite frustrating.
"/thank you/." He takes the bottle back carefully relaxing more as he gripping it. "Sorry to grab you, but I need these..." He mines drinking it, hoping she'll get the picture
She appreciated the motion, it was much clearer than words. However, she did not understand the concept of needing to drink blood. Perhaps he was a cannibal, she has run into some of those before in the rainforest.. but he didn't seem the type for that. Mynx continued watching him with a mildly curious confusion before looking at the other contents of his bag to see what she could from where she stood.
There's not much else in their besides blood to be honest. A few pictures, a journal, a bottle of something harder than blood. Clean underwear.
Well, that was boring, but then, all of her items were on her person so she couldn't say much. If she could say anything that is.  Mynx backed up and extended a hand to him. She hadn't given him much of a greeting... not that she could. But she should probably learn his name at least. Her body language remained relaxed as she waited for him to react. Shaking hands.. that was what the folks of this land did right?
Shaking hands! She was civilized. "I'm Yo, Johan Van deer Kloot. Call me yo~"
There was another silent laugh as he asked her to 'call' him something. Mynx was quite sure she wouldn't be doing any 'calling'. Kind of required a voice to do that. Regardless she was amused as she shook his hand back. Alas she was unable to give her name in return.
"So what do you do, miss?"
With her hand free from the shake, it crossed across her body as the pointer finger of her other hand tapped on her lip in thought. How to explain was always a challenge. Occasionally she would mouth words, but that often gave her unwanted results. Charades it was. She motioned two with her fingers to indicate syllables.. but he may have taken that as words and she waved high with her hand to indicate a high position. Now she just had to wait till he guessed right.
"You... swab the deck?"
Mynx laughed soundlessly and shook her head. He was close.. sort of. She motioned higher again and tried to mouth the word for him, though she did not expect that to help much.
"A higher... rank?"
Mynx grinned and nodded. There was a hint of mischievous amusement as she heard his disbelieving pause.
"Um.. bit small, so.... cabin boy?"
Again the mute girl shook her head. She moved to stand on her tiptoes as she implied much much higher rank.
Yo laughed. "Well, you're not the CAPTAIN." No hat~
Mynx laughed soundlessly again and nodded her agreement before motioning lower.
"first mate? Bo'swon?"
Ah! Her face lit up on the second suggestion and she bowed in a elaborate silly fashion. Congratulations, you figured it out.
"What, no really? Blow me down!" This tiny slip of a girl was bo'swon? Yo laughs in disbelief.
Mynx had straightened herself out after the bow, and wasn't thrilled by his laughter. Her arms crossed and a single eyebrow raised in response while she waited for him to calm himself.
He chuckles for a bit. "Meaning no 'fence, but you are so little." And cute. And barely dressed.
Did this man not know that some of the most deadly creatures were quite small? A mocking smile slipped onto her face as she backed up and took a battle stance. She motioned him to come at her. She likely could have held a blade to him where he stood, but it would be far more fun to knock him over first.
"Eh?" She wants to fight him? Hesitantly, he asks her if she's sure. Yo believes she must be a formidable opponent if she's on this ship, but she smells human. He doesn't want to accidentally crush her or anything. It be rude.
His only response from the mute girl was a repeat of the motion signaling that he come at her. She was however analyzing him. Her intelligent eyes watching his movements as she planned her own. In her home she had learned to watch the creatures before attacking. The steps, the breathing, the repeated motions. But she only needed to be faster than him. So long as she dodged his hit she was sure she could flip the heavy mass like a large monkey. She did not seem at all worried by his size or probable strength.
Ah, but while he looked so slow and heavy, he was very fast when he wanted to be. He runs at her, suddenly. planning to tap her with his left hand.
Mynx dropped to the ground almost instantly. She was surprised by his physical speed, but she severely doubted he had the brain power to use such speed successfully. Her intention had been from the start to simply drop him. As she dropped she rammed a knee into the leg he had lifted as he charged.
fuck, that hurt. He twists to the side, trying to regain his balance before she trips him up. She is a lot faster than he gave her credit for, he is impressed.
To allow him a chance to regain his balance would be an error on her part. While she wasn't afraid of him, she was well aware that one of his blows could take her down. While he hopped off of the hurt leg she spun to flip the remaining leg.
Fraction of a second too slow to connect and Yo lunges at her again with a grin, like a big dog playing with a kitten.
She cursed her own failure internally. It was becoming clear he didn't take her seriously, she was not playing games. In her mind had he been a jaguar she'd be dead. Pushing off with her hands, she flipped away to regain distance as she tried to quickly come of with a plan.
The flipping throws Yo for enough of a loop for her to regroup for a few sides. Back flaps? That's really weird
Careful where you place your attention. The pause gave her enough time to take a sheet from one of the beds and toss it over him. While he would be removing that from his face, one of her daggers was pulled from her skirt and held against his neck. The game was over. With any luck he'd be a wee bit more respectful.
Ooh! He wasn't expecting that, well played! He holds his hands up in surrender. "Alright alright, proved your point"
The words were a bit beyond her understanding, but she knew the motion of surrender and re-sheathed her dagger in her skirt. Good. She went to return the sheet she'd thrown to it's proper bed.
"You're quite the pistol, sir~" he says cheerfully.
The 'sir' received a snort from the mute as she returned her attention to him. Mynx assumed that was a compliment given his tone and body language. She once more smiled and patted his shoulder lightly. He was a goofy fellow, but she thought that they would probably get along well.
He smiles back (and down at her). "So... going to give me a proper tour of this tub?"
Mynx squinted briefly as she tried to fully understand what he'd asked before the smile returned and she nodded. She began walking past the giant fellow as she motioned him to follow. Honestly she likely wasn't the best guide.. as she couldn't say the names.. but he'd asked a mute to lead him so what did he really expect.
He's been sailing for most of his life at this point, so it's more getting the lay of the land. Every ship is different, and pirates always have quirky ships. Yo follows after her.
Mynx led him through the various hulls of the ship. It was a pirate ship so there wasn't a terrible lot to it. lots of storage and a small kitchen.  Pirate ships were more about speed and unnecessary things were generally removed. She showed him were the cannons and gunpowder were held, she assumed he'd be dealing with those at some point. If he was unlucky he would be stuck scraping barnacles from the sides of the ship.
He'll clean them, but he can't fire them. He nods and asks a few questions along the way. He is extremely curious where this savage came from but the language barrier is a killer.
She unfortunately had no idea what they called her homeland.. if she did, she would be home already. The only response was a saddened smile over her shoulder back at him. She had learned the 'prayer' signal an mimicked it before pointing to her tattoos. With any luck he would at least know they were religious in nature.
Oh! So she has religion! How interesting. He nods at her. "Can you write your name?"
She stopped and stared at him, not quite understanding the question.
"Your name. You know, I am Yo," he points at himself, "/Yo./ And you are...?" Then he mimes writing.
Mynx scrunched her nose a bit then laughed soundlessly again. Yes she could write, but he would not understand her 'words'. Well, probably not. He didn't seem bilingual to her. Once again taking a dagger from under her skirt, Mynx lightly carved on one of the nearby boards what her name would be in her native writing.
He speaks Dutch, but that is just incomprehensible jungle speak here. "....hmm." There was a pause. "Can you.. English?"
Mynx shook her head. Being literate wasn't generally important on pirate ships, so she'd never learned any. She hardly understood English beyond what she had picked up listening to the ship mates over her 3 years at sea.
Yo frowns. It be nice to know the name of his superior, but it looks like it can't be helped
Mynx wasn't too concerned over the matter, he was welcome to call her as he chooses and waves a hand dismissively to his frown. She was back to smiling herself.
"So, drink to celebrate the ship, sir?"
Again with the sir, Mynx would be laughing so loud if she could. As she wiped away the tears forming from laughing too hard, the mute shrugged and nodded. Booze was not generally her drug of choice when in came to it. But she'd learned that it was polite to take a drink when it was offered.
"WONDERFUL! I brought some of own, I don't mind breaking in early~"
Hopefully he does not expect her to drink enough to get drunk, because she simply isn't interested in that. Though his excitement over the matter had her once again smiling as she motioned for him to lead them back to the bunks. Provided he'd been paying attention while she'd led him round the ship.
He's a big dumb brick, but he's not that dumb. He offers her his arm like a fancy-butt gentleman. "Shall we?"
Actually, she was rather accustomed to pirates watching her while being led when they should have been learning the layout. One of her thin brows raised curiously as he offered her an arm. What was his game? A few blinks and she nodded slowly. Her small fingers carefully carefully wrapped around his arm. If he had some sort of hope that she would behave as a ship prostitute, he would be quite mistaken. She had no problems behaving as a Pacu would if provoked.
Her perky breasts are nice and all, but they are a bit small for his tastes. Not saying he would kick her out of bed, but actively trying to get her into one isn't really his priority. Besides, she's the superior officer, if there's going to be seduction, she'll be doing it to him~ Yo smiles and leads her back to the bunk room, sticking to the darker passages of the ship
The use of darker passages seemed strange to her, but alright. Mynx kept a light grip on the arm as her red-blue eyes took in every bit of the dark passages. Paying attention to which parts connected and easy escapes if needed. Sorry Yo, she just doesn't trust you yet.
He can't blame her, after all they just met and they are pirates. It doesn't take long to get back to the bunks
Once back to the room, Mynx removed her hands from his arm and flopped into sitting on his bed as she waited.
Yo pulls out his canvas bag. "Hope you like whiskey, miss" He fishes around for the bottle, and manages to find two mugs as well. He also takes one of the vial of blood out.
Ah, he'd returned to calling her 'miss'. Mynx shrugged, smiling as she leaned forward. She rested her elbows on her knees and her face in her hands as she continued to watched the giant man. A single brow raised again and she motioned to the vial with one of her hands.
"Ah..." He notices her confusion. "Any vampires where you come from?"
She was unfamiliar with the term 'vampire', perhaps it was like cannibal? She slowly shook her head.
How to explain to someone who doesn't even speak English? "Um... well..." Durr, this is hard. Normally he has to convince people NOT to run away when he says he's a vampire. "I have to drink blood to live. Human blood. Well, sometimes I drink other things but human is what I really need" He mimes drinking the vial again, nodding his head to show drinking is good, mindful she doesn't really understand much. "Ah... If I don't I will die." He puts the vial aside, shaking his head,  and pretends to die, hoping his terrible acting skills are getting this across. "Like uh- a bat?"
While she knew what a bat was, she was not familiar with the English term. Also, the bats she was familiar with ate fruit... so that wouldn't help his case much. Again she shrugged but kept up her observation. For being so large.. he seemed rather... odd for a pirate. He didn't seem as rough as the men she was used to meeting, and even though his thoughts seemed a bit slower she didn't mind the company. A thought hit her but she was unsure how to ask. Did the bloods taste different?
She isn't running away or trying to kill him, so he assumes it went over well. He smiles and pours their drinking, adding the blood to his for extra flavor. "Cheap gut rot, so don't worry if your teeth start dissolving~" He thumps down next to her on the cot.
Her nose scrunched again. Mynx was not fond of booze to begin with, and that type was specifically unliked. So down the hatch. She was careful to get it down without tasting as much as possible. Bleh.
Aaah! Now this is the stuff! His throat burns and he smacks his lips and pours another. "More?"
Mynx waves a hand dismissing  the offer as she set the mug down by her feet. With her free hand she gestured to him. Perhaps he wanted to talk of himself. She couldn't speak of herself, but she could try and listen.
"Suit yourself~" He belches. "Oh, uh- excuse me?" She's a pirate but also a girl and he doesn't want to be rude.
More soundless laughter as the mute waved dismissively. If that was the worst thing to happen on this ship, than it would likely be a good voyage.
Yo laughs. He's not really sure what to do now. Normally when there's a girl without a shirt on his bed, they are doing something else.
She had attempted to get him to speak of himself, but either he didn't understand her or did not wish to. So it was probably for the best that she leave. Mynx smiled and patted his shoulder again before returning to her feet. She gave a slight bow and turned to leave.  She would undoubtedly see him around.
He gives her a salute. "Later, sir~" He makes himself comfortable in his new bed as the sun is still up. "Goodnight."
The 'goodnight' threw her for a slight loop, but she dismissed it. A nocturnal human? How strange. And away she went to complete her examination of the ship.
Pirate App: Mynx by Mifmemo
Pirate App: Mynx

Basic Information !

◈Name: Mynx
>>Nickname: The Mute
◈Age: 19
◈Birthday: March 10th
◈Gender: Female
◈Weight: 5'3"
◈Height: 132lbs
◈Race/Species: Human (Amazon)

Life !
◈Team: The Crew
◈Job: Boatswain
◈ Family: 1 Brother (still lives deep in the rainforest)
◈ Friends: None yet
◈Relationship Status: None yet
>Orientation: Heterosexual

More about them !
◈Personality: Curious | Intellegent | Expressive | Fearless
She is very proud of her own culture and dresses in her own style. Almost always barechested, she finds the interest of on lookers strange. Are they large babies looking for a mother? Beyond the things of culture, she is acceptionally curious. She often is trying to figure out how things work and learning of the world. Even though she cannot talk she is a very bright girl and quick to analyze that which surrounds her. Expressive is an understatement. A converstation with Mynx is pretty much a game of charades where she only understands half of what is being said. Her thoughts always show clearly on her face and she uses her bendy nature to her advantage while she is trying to 'talk'. A bit headstrong with a habit to act first without fear of her own mortality.
It's important to know that by her standards, Mynx had a very normal childhood. It's you all with your excessive layers that are weird. She was born to a small and highly religious comunity deep within the amazon rainforest. Within her comunity the children are marked with tattoos shortly after birth. Based on their lineage they are marked as either sages or warriors. Mynx is a warrior, it's believed that the marks on her will help the warrior summon strength when they need it. More likely it is just them forcing an adreniline reaction, but it is ill advised to slander her beliefs to her face. If she even understands what you're saying. She was born mute and as a response is very expressive in her body language and gestures. When she was 16 she curiously, and unintentionally stowed away on a ship making port off of the rainforest she patrolled. Far from home she used her climbing skills and intellegance to make herself useful, but with no understanding of the concept of money and surrounded by a language she didn't know.. she has spent her time at sea as free servant. She sort of understands english now.. sort of. She knows frequently used words and that those silly circles are called 'gold' but they seem valueless to her.

Powers / Skills !
+ Hand to hand combat/daggers
+ Nimble/ Flexible (can wiggle into some strange places, climbs easily)
+ Range weapon (bow and arrows, though she hasn't had access since she'd been ship bound)
+ Problem solving

◈Weaknesses: (List about 3)
- Mute
- 'Uncultured' (her standards of normal can be offensive)
- Low strength (speed based character)
- Impulsive

Others Things !
◈Likes : Flowers, spices, baked goods
◈Dislikes: Mold, decay, people behaving as she considers 'poorly'
○ She grows alge in her room and eats it.
○ Cant hardly walk or climb or do anything in 'english' clothes.
○ Shoes make her walk like a dog in booties.
I'm lazy, so here's an older picture that properly refs her outfit and tattoos.

Rp methods !
Skype me please: Mifmemo
MC: Late to the party by Mifmemo
MC: Late to the party
And she's lost her shoes...

I am seriously so sorry, I have been so busy with running my own group (think 12 hour dungeons and trying to explain dice) for the last month (and art trades) that I seriously just smashed my head to the tablet for maybe an hour on this. So so sorry. But the group is still really cute ; n; People are welcome to hit me up if they wanna RP. I'm sorry if I lost your notes.
Forks Fall Masq by Mifmemo
Forks Fall Masq
Yet another Outfit event collab with the ever amazing ScelestaNix Seriously, I love collabs with this woman her lines are amazing!

Thumbelina © Mifmemo
Waldor © ScelestaNix

As always, this was done for the group :iconisland-of-qizhou:

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