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Hi, my name is Amber, but most people call me by Mifmemo, Miffy, Mif, Miff, Miffers and any other nickname based on my screen name.
I like cute things and nice people. feel free to chat~

Thanks for stopping by~<3

Current Residence: My own house! >D that's right!
Favourite genre of music: humor, techno or anime mostly
Wallpaper of choice: Kingdom hearts
Favourite cartoon character: Noda Megumi (Nodame)

So if you ever RP with me....

Babies everywhere. Probably the direction I will go. Yup.
I'm thinking of once again drawing my own christmas cards. Now you should remember that I am how I am and they won't be religious. But that said, If I were to print and mail would any of you all be game? uvu I think it'd be great to recieve some cards myself. SO lemme know if this is a good idea or if I'm just dumb. Have a wonderful day~!
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Waldor was moving around his house and occasionally stopping to look behind him because of the scuttling of tiny legs. Behind him his new mimic was following the owl around like a lost puppy. It had been following him for a good hour, pausing whenever he did and moving whenever he moved. Even the stairs had been climbed though the owl had had a good amount of amusement from listening to the chest try to scramble it's way up the stairs. Finally Waldor had to go into his workshop, shut the door after the mimic, then bodily pick up the thing and move it under the work table. "Your place will be here with the sprites. You will stay with them and guard my workshop during the day, and may move about as you like as long as you do not harm Belina or the children." He paused. "Though if you wanted to chase Melanie a bit I doubt she would mind it overmuch."
Loud. Thumbelina knew she was moving too loudly. Her attempt to carry 3 heavy hides into the house ended up being about as subtle as a rock to the head. She flinched unconsciously at the noise every time she hit a door frame or a wall with her gift. A small wheeze escaped the fairy as she made her way towards her mate's workshop. She was trying to take them to the one where he worked fabric and leather and leave them there with a braille note as a surprise. but well... they were heavy and she was not as strong as she wished she was. As she leaned into the door fame and attempted to open the workshop door she was sure he already knew she was there. Best laid plans as they say. In her head she was laughing at herself.
Waldor paused as he heard the thumps then turned and straightened when whatever was making the sound made it to his workshop. The sound of Thumby's labored breathing registered and he moved to help her with whatever it was she was carrying. "Belina, I would have helped you sooner had you called for me." The mimic peaked out from under the workshop at this Belina so it knew who not to eat.
Yep she was caught. A blush creeped up on her as she, with labor I might add, held the Amethyst Warg hides up for Waldor to take. The bangles on her wrist almost muffled by the weight. "Yes.. I know. But.. I had wanted to surprise you." A wide and slightly nervous smile spread across her face as she said simply. "Happy Nameday Waldor dear."
Waldor raises his brows as he took the heavy things from her. What in the world was he carrying? The owl grunted softly then moved the things over to his worktable to examine them with his hands. Stone...embedded in skin. These were the hides of the Warg beasts? As he felt along them more the owl slowly started to smile and chirp before he turned back to Thumby. "These are hides of the Warg beasts, yes? How did you get these Belina?" He was very clearly pleased with her gift and especially pleased that she'd remembered his nameday.
"Sidney gave them to me in exchange for teaching him how to cook." Thumbelina followed him in and leaned on the table grinning. "I came across him while I was out gathering supplies and I used my cow to help him get the hides home. Apparently he went Warg hunting but only needed the diamond hides..." She scooted closer and whispered in the manner one would use for sharing secrets. "... So I got the Amethyst ones for you.. it's your favorite right?"
He closed his eyes as his grin spread then leaned into her and nuzzled her while cooing softly. "It is, Belina. You are so kind to me, thank you." He could finally make his armour with these...and he supposed the set he earned Kura but he was loth to share his gift. Perhaps he could talk the pup out of more hides when he came for teachings...
Thumbelina nuzzled and cooed to him in return. "I'm glad you like it."  She paused for a moment thinking. "So do you have any special requests for your name day my dearest?"
The owl laughed and moved to hug her-he was truly a happy owl at this point. "No Belina, I think you have done more than enough for me on this day. It has been a long time since I have been given a gift on my have made it very special for me."
The fairy was never one to reject a hug.. and certainly not one from the frequently fluffy owl. Her arms wrapped around him in their usual careful way and she snuggled against his chest. "I'm glad.. I know such things are more important to you than you care to say." Much like herself, he had tried to brush her off when she had originally wanted to celebrate with him. But saying something isn't a big deal.. doesn't make it any less important inside and she just wanted his name day to be as special for him as he had made her bloomday.
He chuckled softly. "You know me well."
Her smile remained and she leaned up to steal a kiss. "So you don't have any wishes for today at all? No dancing.. lazy day spent together... special dinner? I expected cake though."
Waldor paused then laughed and snuggled her more. "All of that would be pleasant Belina, but my only real wish is to spend the day in your company."
"Then I shall stay by you side all day." He really was quite the gentle soul and Thumbelina treasured that side of the outwardly grumpy owl. She returned his cuddles happily. Truly Thumbelina was happiest in places such as this.. surrounded by the love of those she cared for most.
Waldor hugged her close and wrapped his wings around her then whispered, "Is this a hint to make myself armour?" He was highly amused by the concept but did agree that he should have some...he just hadn't had the materials he wanted on hand yet.
"That.. wasn't my intent.. but I have been worried about you out there without any protection." Once more she nuzzled him. "I worry about you getting hurt too you know. But I got it for you... because I thought it would be a material you would appreciate and have some use for."
He couldn't help but laugh softly. "Actually I had been waiting to get these very hides. I felt the gem properties would be beneficial in armour and the beasts hides are so heavy and thick..." Waldor cooed and straightened some so he could take her hand rather than trap her in a hug. "I am very very pleased with the hides you have brought me, thank you again."
"I am very glad." She gave his hand a light squeeze. "Is there anyway I could be assisting you in here today?"
"Actually..I was hoping I could follow you about in your workings. Perhaps...with cake?" Not that he was angling for cake or anything....he was definitely angling for cake.
"If you would prefer that I do not mind baking with you." Even though he couldn't see it, Thumbelina smiled up at him while she held his hand. Really she was okay with anything she was just happy to be with him.
He nodded and squeezed her hand gently. "I would like to continue...trying to learn cooking with you. Though I am a hopeless case."
"I believe you can do anything you put your mind to. So if you want to bake and cook. I will do my best to teach you." She squeezed his hand back. "Shall we?"
He nodded again and moved to let her out of the room first. A faint scuttle alerted him that the mimic was preparing to follow and he sighed then looked back to Thumbelina. " mind if the chest came as well? It is overly attached to me."
"The... chest?" Thumbelina glanced down at the thing that was apparently following Waldor. "You got a mimic?"
"Yes...the dark guardian decided to play a game that we were...not allowed to decline from attending. The creature chose to come home with me after it took offense to your sisters trying to open it."
Thumbelina blinked. "Matches didn't get too hurt did she?" There was a possible undertone of 'you wouldn't let her die right'. Waldor didn't appear to have recently washed the hospital away and he said it followed him.. so he must have left safely.. he usually did.
"No, she stayed near me and we assisted each other well enough through the...maze or whatever manner of place that was." He reached down to brush his thumb along her cheek. "Do not worry, I kept her within wing length most times. She can handle herself surprisingly well."
"I know she can..." She sighed with a hint of worry. "I just would hate for something to happen and make her pregnancy even more complicated.. Because she is so happy for it."
He leaned to nuzzle her some. "I know Belina, that is why I tried to keep her in range. We did not have a choice in going though...we were one place and then there but we made the best of it. I have...a strange assortment of items from that venture..."
"Thank you." Thumbelina smiled again, relieved as she nuzzled him back. "You did? Anything you wish me to cook?"
His nose wrinkled. "I...have some pumpkin seeds...bat bits...the corpses of candies that lived and spider legs...none of which sound particularly pleasant save the last."
"Well toasted pumpkin seeds are amazing, but if we planted them we could make pumpkin bread... or cake." Thumbelina smiled. He'd like pumpkin cake it's usually spiced like he likes.
She had him at cake. Spiced cake was his favorite and the owl fluffed a bit at the concept. "Then...perhaps planting them? I am fond of the orange spice cake you made before...pumpkin may be pleasing as well." He wasn't terribly familiar with cooking sweets from gourds but he was fairly certain it had been done in the castle during the fall times and so he was more accepting of the suggestion then he might otherwise have been.
"Would you like to do that before or after we bake?" Thumbelina moved to wait outside the door for Waldor and the chest.
He clicked his talons on the ground a moment then pulled his wings about him some as an attack of shyness hit him. "Perhaps...the planting?"
"I would like that." Thumbelina held out her bangled hand to him. "Maybe we can sing again like last time." She watched his reaction, unsure if she should be concerned.. but she also thought him to be very cute at the moment.
He nodded and took her hand and started for the greenhouse. "Will you teach me more of the songs you know, Belina? I admit to...tuning out much of what I heard in the palace."
"Of course I will.. You wish me to sick with the quieter songs right?" Thumbelina allowed him to lead, amused a bit that she was being led by a 'blind' man. But in reality he didn't seem blind to her, just.. saw things in his own way. So long as the house was kept properly cleaned he seemed to be fine. Just in case though, she watched the ground ahead of him for rouge toys.
"Hmmm...please. I still do not know if I could tolerate the more boisterous ones..." He'd found a couple of those rogue toys on occasion and it was likely that Melanie had picked up some new colorful language from the swear fit that happened when spiked toy met unprotected foot.
"Oh?" She bumped him lightly with her shoulder and smiled with amusement as she asked. "Has the island been making a more tolerant Strix out of you~?" While he didn't say he could tolerate louder musics.. it sounded as though he might be thinking about being more adventurous.
The man wrinkled his nose and stuck out his tongue at the thought. "I am becoming complacent and domesticated, what have you done to me~?"
"Hopefully I made you happy and those are merely side effects. Because I wouldn't wish you to have to live in a way you did not enjoy." She glanced at him with a smile before giving his cheek a quick kiss and starting down the stairs.
Waldor laughed and headed down as well, stumbling a bit on a wayward bit of something that had him squinting at the floor and going down with more care.
When he stumbled, Thumbelina moved to make sure she had a hold on his arm, she wouldn't want him to fall. "Ah! I must have distracted you.. I'm sorry."
"A more pleasant distraction I have never known." He accepted her help down to the ground level and gave her a soft smile. "Thank you Belina."
Oh dear. Thumbelina felt warmth creep into her cheeks. It was things like this... the overwhelming kindness he showed... that made her so sad that others were scared of him on sight and disliked him. If only they knew him as she did.. Well.. if he hadn't already noticed the skip in her heartbeat, the fairy leaned up and nuzzled her warm cheek against his. He deserved to know the effect his words had on her.
He chuckled faintly and nuzzled her back. "Did I say something especially foolish?"
She shook her head against him, quietly chirping that she loved him.
The owl fluffed some and chirped the same back and kissed her cheek softly. He pulled away after a long moment and squeezed her hand so they could continue on and not get caught making out in the halls.
Thumbelina giggled and squeezed his hand back before moving to open the door outside. "So.. songs.. which sorts would you like?"
"Hmmm...I doubt you prefer laments..perhaps a soft ballad?" Waldor moved past her and nodded to thank her for her assistance with the door.
"I know some.... but you are right, I am not fond of laments" Closing the door behind her, Thumbelina moved to wrap herself around one of her mate's arms. "Ballad.." Resuming the walk to the walk to the green house she started to sing one.
He followed her and draped one of his wings over her shoulder as they walked. The tune wasn't familiar to him but it was lovely all the same. This was one of the few things he approved of with the bardic arts. Ballads more often than not had a feeling of wholeness and soul unlike so many of the obnoxious ditties the prancing creatures usually performed. He supposed what they performed it was a reflection of their audience but then again the owl had never particularly cared for the people about him in the palace either so he wasn't inclined to take any pity on any being from his home world
As they reached the greenhouse, Thumbelina stopped singing and held the door open for him. "Are you sure you don't wish to try and sing with me?"
"I do not know the song you are singing, but perhaps if you teach it to me...I will try." Waldor moved into the greenhouse then stepped aside to pull out the bag of seeds he'd gathered from the smooshed pumpkins. He was wondering if the beasts he'd gone up against had been magicked alive like cherry or they were planting chaos in the greenhouse...he was really hoping for the former.
Thumbelina grinned and gently took his hands as she started singing the words much slower for him. Before he didn't seem interested in singing with her.. so she was rather excited to be able to teach him to sing with her.
Waldor quieted to listen to her words. She sang so prettily though that he was lost in the tune and had to shake himself out of his reverie and continue focusing on the words since she was trying to teach him.
Looping back to the beginning of the song, Thumbelina gave his talloned hands a careful squeeze to encourage him to join in. She was still singing slower so that he could keep up. at worst he would have a bit of lag to her, but she didn't mind that.
Waldor hesitated a moment then quietly started to sing with her. It was rough and he cleared his throat to try and get in a key that didn't sound like cats yowling on a fence post.
Somehow she was able to resist a giggle. She didn't want to discourage him... But she did find him awfully adorable singing so quietly. She kept her tune though and looped the song again for him.
He sighed inwardly at his own ineptitude and paused when she looped the song then started singing again. It was...less awful this time but it was still clear he wasn't used to singing for any period of time.
She didn't force him to go another round, instead she leaned up and kissed his cheek whispering softly. "I think you sound wonderful." Because she was too happy to hear it any other way.
He snorted but nuzzled her anyway. "I pity your ears the sound of me trying to sing but thank you for your kind words."
"You weren't so bad, you just need more practice.. and I'm always here if you wish to practice together." Returning her heels to the ground, Thumbelina gave his hand one last squeeze before releasing them. She turned and went to make holes in one of the flower beds.
He smiled but shook his head. "I think you mean a lot of practice." Waldor settled his wings back and stayed behind her as she worked then leaned over and nuzzled into her because he could. Power to being taller than her and leading with his face~
She was a bit surprised by the sudden affection, though it was more than welcome and Thumbelina nuzzled him gently with some soft cooing in return.
He chuckled softly then stepped back to let her continue working. "I am unfamiliar with growing things as you know in how long we might expect the plants to mature?"
"I"m not sure how they grow on the island... Most plants don't take more than a week here though." Thumbelina smiled softly to herself as she pressed the seeds into the soil. "Back in Pell, pumpkins liked to be warm with moist soil."
A week? That was...terrifying. He was fairly certain it took most gourds almost a season to grow...this place continued to be disturbing to his sensibilities. "Ah...then we will have to continue checking on them frequently?" He listened to her as she worked. "Do you think these will grow then? Is this area proper for them?"
"Yes I believe so." She glanced back at him and laughed lightly. "Do not worry, I'm sure they will grow into fine pumpkins for baking with."
He stayed quiet a moment longer then, "Should I have mentioned the pumpkins were living when I encountered them?"
"That... would have been nice to know..." Thumbelina glanced down at the freshly planted seeds and shrugged softly. "I'm not too worried, if they are like most things on this island and are alive and ours.. they will probably be friendlier than those you had encountered.”
"Hmmm..." Waldor nodded and settled his wings around his shoulders as he'd been taken too before his lady had started leading him around by hand. "Likely...if not they can be dealt with as the others were."
"I'm sure we can handle anything. I'm not worried." She turned around and wiggled her way in between his wings and quietly whispered. "Now.. I think I owe you a cake."
Mmm, cake indeed. But while Thumby was trapped on the confines of his wings Waldor took the opportunity to kiss her. First her forehead, then her nose, and then finally he bent to kiss her lips as all his feathers fluffed over his silliness. He cleared his throat after straightening and shifted his wings so she could move on if she liked.
There was the catch. 'If she liked' was certainly not something that had to do with leaving kisses and being snuggled in Waldor's wings. Even though his silliness had already once again brought warm color to her cheeks, Thumbelina was not quite ready to leave the garden. No, instead the fairy carefully cupped the face of her beloved owl man and gave him a kiss that lingered a fair bit longer.
He'd expected her to move so her kiss had him chirping and floofing up as bad as an owlet. He laughed softly into the kiss and tucked his wings back around her. She could let him know when she wanted free of them, right now he was just enjoying being so near her was less likely one of the children would walk into the greenhouse and titter at them there.
It delighted Thumbelina that she could still make Waldor fluff up so much. It was probably silly.. she knew they often were. She did wonder if that had been part of his thought process when choosing to come here first.. A coy escape from the eyes of many children... And there would be even more shortly.
Trickery was up his alley. Waldor straightened some and rested one of his fingers against his mouth as he fought the urge to laugh. He was honestly surprised with as often they stole cuddles that the children hadn't called them out on it but that was neither here nor there at the moment. when he'd managed to settle his laughter some he smiled at her. "I can hear the chest shuffling around inside, I fear if we wait much longer it will begin to whine."
"We wouldn't want that." Thumbelina stole one last nuzzle from her tricky mate before she turned to head for the door.
IoQ: Waldor's Nameday Part 1 of 2
Not much to say here. These two pretty much highschool sweetheart sort of lovebirds 24/7. Thumbelina was Celebrating the equivalent of a birthday for Waldor. In his culture they celebrate the day owlets are named rather than born. uvu

Word Count: 3699 5% EXP Each

Waldor © ScelestaNix
Thumbelina © Mifmemo 
I'm thinking of once again drawing my own christmas cards. Now you should remember that I am how I am and they won't be religious. But that said, If I were to print and mail would any of you all be game? uvu I think it'd be great to recieve some cards myself. SO lemme know if this is a good idea or if I'm just dumb. Have a wonderful day~!
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IoQ: Arus Pecah by Mifmemo
IoQ: Arus Pecah

Name: Arus Pecah

Level: 1

Total Points/Unspent points: 0/0

Gender: Hermaphrodite (Genderfluid, he, she, it, doesn't matter)

Age: 17

Birthday: April 30th

Race: Saltwater Ira Slime (Closed Species- Here)

Orientation: Biological Asexual (seriously mating is weird)

Occupation level: Fisherman Level 1


05 Alertness: +1 to all sense and Per rolls.
05 Double jointed: +3 to all Escape and Acrobatics rolls.
15 Very fit: +2 to all HT rolls. Loses FP at half the normal rate and double FP recovery.
05 Hard to kill: Player is able to roll based on HT to survive 1HKO attacks.
05 Luck: Once per campaign, the player may re-roll a bad die, taking the best of three rolls or when you are being attacked you may make the attacker roll three times and take the worst roll.
15 Very rapid healing: Doubles healing rolls cast on the player.


-10 Impulsiveness: Does not effect rolls.
-15 Low empathy: -3 penalty to all rolls involving emotional intelligence.

Weight:  100-200lbs varries

Height: Varries greatly. Mass can move wherever

Skills:  50/50

•*05 Swimming: Basic Speed and Basic Move are not reduced in the water.


20 Offensive magic (water) Level 1: 1d6+1
    • Flings slime at an enemy
15 Defensive magic (water) Level 1: 1d6+1
    • Thickens slime around itself or allies
10 Paralysis Level 1: Roll vs DX 1d20+11
    • Moves the jellyfish into it's hand and touches an enemy.

Liked Gifts:

Fish (alive or freshly killed)
Sea Plants
Saltwater (a fresh spray is always nice when one feels dry)
Shiney Things

Disliked Gifts:

Anything Hot

Personality:         Bubbly | Curious | Aloof | Friendly

Arus Pecah understands fish better than land dwellers. While curious and friendly, their have been occasions where it has more than once drowned a mammal or two by accident. There is a stong disconnect between what 'makes sense' or is 'sensible' to others and how Arus Pecah views it. Shape is irrelivant and it often mimics the shapes of those around it.

Origin: Southern ocean, Pell

Culture: Arus Pecah has no culture. It finds culture amusing, like watching a show.

Life History:

The saltwater slime person just formed into being one day many years ago. With no real knowledge of the flow of time or others of it's species the creature simply existed, floating though the waters happily. The 'name' they acquired was what natives of one beach called the waters that pulled creatures out to sea and drowned them. It didn't mean to, it just thought everyone can do what it does and be under the water.

Before arrival: A clear day, Arus Pecah was enjoying a brief float spread across the water's surface. Glancing down at the coral reef below, it's attention was caught by glowing light. Upon closer investigation.. the water around them grew cold.

Preferred RP Style:
- Chatroom: Preferred
- Comments: I don't usually take these as serious
- Google docs: No
- Notes: No
- Paragraph: Fine
- Script: Sure
- Skype: Preferred for 1 on 1 Rps only
- Questions? Ask.

When she finally made it back to her house Thumbelina went straight to her mate's work room and snuggled up to him. A run on sentence like fusion happened as she greeted him, informed him that she loved his adorable self and requested kisses. Because after dealing with a friend unwilling to eat because their mate was picking on them she just... wanted to make sure she gave her wonderful mate lots of love because he was super great to her.
The owl blinked slowly and nuzzled the fairy. He was confused by what was happening but snuggled her anyway and worried that someone had upset her. A cheek kiss was her reward for asking and he rested his head on hers. "Are you well?"
"Yes... because I have you... but.." She sighed heavily and nuzzled him more. "I was.. I'm worried... Luckily we were able to talk to her but... Apparently Ivan called Matches fat and pestered the poor girl enough to make her want to not eat... While she's carrying a baby... I just... Why should it matter what one looks like? I've always found that love was inside..." Thumbelina have his chest a soft kiss as she snuggled into it. ".. It also... reminded me that you were exceptionally wonderful... and I wanted to let you know that.. You're always very good to me.. and the children..."
His lips thinned into a dangerous line and Waldor snuggled into her more and petted her hair. "Did you set his trousers aflame for abusing his mate as such?" Waldor clicked his tongue and kissed her hair. "I believe the same, Belina. If I did not have visions I would never know you as others had seen you but I would love you all the same."
"I certainly will when I see him next.. he wasn't there.. I'm just worried for her..." Hearing hims say that made her smile though. Even though she expected as much from him... it was nice to hear. "Thank you.. for being so wonderful to me.."
Waldor chuckled softly. "Tell me of how he flails for he deserves the torment....will you invite her over some? We can keep her under our wings as we do the little ones...I am not fond of her prattle but I do not care to know she is being treated poorly." the owl leaned some to nuzzle their cheeks together. "I treat you as I feel you are deserving. You are wonderful Belina, and I believe you should be treated with care and love."
She hoped Waldor realized that she was only likely to give the giant a good talking to. "I will make sure she knows.... and... I feel the same way for you. You also deserve to be treated with love and care." Thumbelina returned his nuzzles happily. ".. I'm sorry if I interrupted you while you were busy.."
He was really hoping that she actually set his pants aflame actually. Waldor snickered some. "I feel that many would disagree with your assessment of me but I am glad you think so. and I am never too busy for you, Belina. You come first in all things."
IoQ: Mate Cuddles (Thumby and Waldor)
Because dat owl would never call his lady fat. It's just rude.

Word Count: 529 Rate 2.5% each

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