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United States
Hi, my name is Amber, but most people call me by Mifmemo, Miffy, Mif, Miff, Miffers and any other nickname based on my screen name.
I like cute things and nice people. feel free to chat~

Thanks for stopping by~<3

Current Residence: My own house! >D that's right!
Favourite genre of music: humor, techno or anime mostly
Wallpaper of choice: Kingdom hearts
Favourite cartoon character: Noda Megumi (Nodame)

So if you ever RP with me....

Babies everywhere. Probably the direction I will go. Yup.
Then you probably don't know I have a habit of rolling through waves of interest. Right now I am heavily addicted to my own group Island-of-Qizhou. If you haven't checked it out I suggest you do, we're just about to kick up a seasonal event.

If you're upset that we're not RPing much you can try sending me a note, but they get lost on me often, kicking me over skype works better. I still love all of you I just have crud attention span hahaha. SORRY!
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IoQ: Arus Pecah by Mifmemo
IoQ: Arus Pecah

Name: Arus Pecah

Level: 1

Total Points/Unspent points: 0/0

Gender: Hermaphrodite (Genderfluid, he, she, it, doesn't matter)

Age: 17

Birthday: April 30th

Race: Saltwater Ira Slime (Closed Species- Here)

Orientation: Biological Asexual (seriously mating is weird)

Occupation level: Fisherman Level 1


05 Alertness: +1 to all sense and Per rolls.
05 Double jointed: +3 to all Escape and Acrobatics rolls.
15 Very fit: +2 to all HT rolls. Loses FP at half the normal rate and double FP recovery.
05 Hard to kill: Player is able to roll based on HT to survive 1HKO attacks.
05 Luck: Once per campaign, the player may re-roll a bad die, taking the best of three rolls or when you are being attacked you may make the attacker roll three times and take the worst roll.
15 Very rapid healing: Doubles healing rolls cast on the player.


-10 Impulsiveness: Does not effect rolls.
-15 Low empathy: -3 penalty to all rolls involving emotional intelligence.

Weight:  100-200lbs varries

Height: Varries greatly. Mass can move wherever

Skills:  50/50

•*05 Swimming: Basic Speed and Basic Move are not reduced in the water.


20 Offensive magic (water) Level 1: 1d6+1
    • Flings slime at an enemy
15 Defensive magic (water) Level 1: 1d6+1
    • Thickens slime around itself or allies
10 Paralysis Level 1: Roll vs DX 1d20+11
    • Moves the jellyfish into it's hand and touches an enemy.

Liked Gifts:

Fish (alive or freshly killed)
Sea Plants
Saltwater (a fresh spray is always nice when one feels dry)
Shiney Things

Disliked Gifts:

Anything Hot

Personality:         Bubbly | Curious | Aloof | Friendly

Arus Pecah understands fish better than land dwellers. While curious and friendly, their have been occasions where it has more than once drowned a mammal or two by accident. There is a stong disconnect between what 'makes sense' or is 'sensible' to others and how Arus Pecah views it. Shape is irrelivant and it often mimics the shapes of those around it.

Origin: Southern ocean, Pell

Culture: Arus Pecah has no culture. It finds culture amusing, like watching a show.

Life History:

The saltwater slime person just formed into being one day many years ago. With no real knowledge of the flow of time or others of it's species the creature simply existed, floating though the waters happily. The 'name' they acquired was what natives of one beach called the waters that pulled creatures out to sea and drowned them. It didn't mean to, it just thought everyone can do what it does and be under the water.

Before arrival: A clear day, Arus Pecah was enjoying a brief float spread across the water's surface. Glancing down at the coral reef below, it's attention was caught by glowing light. Upon closer investigation.. the water around them grew cold.

Preferred RP Style:
- Chatroom: Preferred
- Comments: I don't usually take these as serious
- Google docs: No
- Notes: No
- Paragraph: Fine
- Script: Sure
- Skype: Preferred for 1 on 1 Rps only
- Questions? Ask.

When she finally made it back to her house Thumbelina went straight to her mate's work room and snuggled up to him. A run on sentence like fusion happened as she greeted him, informed him that she loved his adorable self and requested kisses. Because after dealing with a friend unwilling to eat because their mate was picking on them she just... wanted to make sure she gave her wonderful mate lots of love because he was super great to her.
The owl blinked slowly and nuzzled the fairy. He was confused by what was happening but snuggled her anyway and worried that someone had upset her. A cheek kiss was her reward for asking and he rested his head on hers. "Are you well?"
"Yes... because I have you... but.." She sighed heavily and nuzzled him more. "I was.. I'm worried... Luckily we were able to talk to her but... Apparently Ivan called Matches fat and pestered the poor girl enough to make her want to not eat... While she's carrying a baby... I just... Why should it matter what one looks like? I've always found that love was inside..." Thumbelina have his chest a soft kiss as she snuggled into it. ".. It also... reminded me that you were exceptionally wonderful... and I wanted to let you know that.. You're always very good to me.. and the children..."
His lips thinned into a dangerous line and Waldor snuggled into her more and petted her hair. "Did you set his trousers aflame for abusing his mate as such?" Waldor clicked his tongue and kissed her hair. "I believe the same, Belina. If I did not have visions I would never know you as others had seen you but I would love you all the same."
"I certainly will when I see him next.. he wasn't there.. I'm just worried for her..." Hearing hims say that made her smile though. Even though she expected as much from him... it was nice to hear. "Thank you.. for being so wonderful to me.."
Waldor chuckled softly. "Tell me of how he flails for he deserves the torment....will you invite her over some? We can keep her under our wings as we do the little ones...I am not fond of her prattle but I do not care to know she is being treated poorly." the owl leaned some to nuzzle their cheeks together. "I treat you as I feel you are deserving. You are wonderful Belina, and I believe you should be treated with care and love."
She hoped Waldor realized that she was only likely to give the giant a good talking to. "I will make sure she knows.... and... I feel the same way for you. You also deserve to be treated with love and care." Thumbelina returned his nuzzles happily. ".. I'm sorry if I interrupted you while you were busy.."
He was really hoping that she actually set his pants aflame actually. Waldor snickered some. "I feel that many would disagree with your assessment of me but I am glad you think so. and I am never too busy for you, Belina. You come first in all things."
IoQ: Mate Cuddles (Thumby and Waldor)
Because dat owl would never call his lady fat. It's just rude.

Word Count: 529 Rate 2.5% each

Waldor was still getting used to the new layout of the house and his new workplace but he had almost everything set up to his liking in his workshop and was settling down to finally get some work done on his crafts. That morning he'd gone about collecting more of the raw silks from he puff moths and had to spin then yet but he was honestly more interested in dying and stitching together some clothes for the coming winter season for the children of the house. While the owl knew that he would be fine come winter he doubted the fairy born would be overly comfortable in the freezing cold...and neither would his egg.

Rey's room was just down the hall from his Owl daddy's workshop. The little boy waddled his way over to the door, flying up to open the two doors in his way. Quietly he approached Waldor and peered up at the table, curious what he was working on. When he felt noticed, he said a very soft. "Hi."

The owl paused then turned to 'look' over at the child. He set down his workings and bent some to offer his hands so he could pick Reynalt up. "Hello little one, have the storms kept you inside rather than being out and playing?"

Rey was delighted to be held. "Not really.. I just wanted to visit with you. Jamal is napping.. Is that okay?" The baby didn't do much outside except play in mom's greenhouse... and he could still do that.

The corner of Waldor's mouth twitched and he nodded to the child. "That is fine, though I am doing something that is tedious and slow, are you sure you want to stay for this? You may of course look around as you like but I am preparing to sew some and make you and your siblings winter clothing. It is not the most entertaining thing to witness I would assume."

"Oh.... Maybe I could learn?" Rey wiggled a bit so that he could touch the fabric. The little one was very sensitive when it came to touch.. and he found different textures fascinating. He turned back and papped Waldor's cheeks. "And you could teach me more Strix too? Maybe...? AH!" Rey quickly chirped out the family greeting Waldor had taught him before. He had forgotten to do it.

The owl laughs softly and chirped back the response. He held the child close as he stood and moved to get a seat for him since he doubted Rey would want to perch as Waldor did. "You may stay as long as you like and I will teach you whatever it is you would like to learn, should I have the knowledge to pass on." A stool was moved over next to Waldor's perch and he sat Reynalt on it gently. "Are you well there?"

"Yeah. Thank you owl daddy." It was for the best that he got the stool, though, Rey just stood on it and leaned over onto the table excitedly. Melanie had told him that Waldor was now their step dad.. or second dad.. But Rey decided that Waldor was his Owl Daddy because he loved him and was nice and fluffy. Rey kept carefully running his hands over everything, not giving a second thought to calling Waldor that. Owl daddy was owl daddy.

The owl froze and fluffed all over. He chirped a welcome to the boy and stayed where he was for a long moment before moving some materials for Rey to examine whilst Waldor tried to calm himself down from being a flibberty jibbet. "What do you care for most?"

Rey copied the 'welcome' chirps as he touched the new fabrics excitedly. "Your colored fabrics all feel different.." The different ways each of Waldor's fabrics felt were delightful to him. "I like the red."

Waldor was smiling so much and he couldn't stop it. He shifted on his perch before touching the red fabric. "That is so I know which one is which. I treat them all through alchemy to make them colored and texture each one so i can recognize it. Would you care for something made of red then? We can texture it further if you like." The owl leaned so that Reynalt could see his collar which had embroidery about it. "Your mother has ordered me clothing like this so that I can feel the patterns. Would you like that as well?"

"Wah~!" Reynalt made a surprised noise and leaned in to run his fingers over the embroidery. "Can I? It's really nice. Could I learn Alchemy too? You're really smart owl daddy." The baby was getting excited and talking more than he usually would. He was like a little baby sponge wanting to learn all the things.

Owl daddy. There went his heart again. Rey's excitement was spreading and Waldor shifted some more because he knew he was an overly fluffy bird right now but couldn't help it. "Yes, if you like. Do you know what you would prefer to start with? Today we will do whatever you desire."

"Really? But you were busy..." Rey looked over the table with a very serious thought baby face and touched the fabric more. "We can keep sewing. I can learn alchemy when you need to do it later..." Reynalt wiggled off of his stool and onto the perch so that he could give Waldor a hug. "Just show me what you do so I can be more like you."

Waldor cooed softly and hugged the boy. "As you desire." Waldor curled one of his wings around the boy and moved things out of the way some to go back to sewing. He did however keep the red fabric out to use rather than what he had been working on. He was a stubborn owl. "What colors do you like other than red, Reynalt?"

"I like lots of colors." Rey stayed in Waldor's lap but leaned over the table again touching the fabrics. "These are all nice." Little baby arms pulled various fabrics closer, more interested in how they felt than the actual colors. He wanted to lean how to make fabrics that all felt different too because it was just really cool.

"Hmmm..." Waldor kept the red near and flattened it out with his hands as he kept his wings close to make sure Rey didn't tumble off. His talons tapped on the work table a moment and then he started cutting through the material with the sharp things, working quickly to cut out the pieces he knew he would need. "Do you want me to make you your own needle so you can sew alongside me?"

"I would like that. Thank you owl daddy." Rey watched, amazed that he didn't need scissors. "Wow!" Much like the child he was he leaned as close as possible as he watched. Then he looked at his own fingers and wished he could do that.

Waldor chuckled softly at his new title and kept cutting. "There are benefits and downsides to being formed as I am. I can cut things as this with no tool but it is difficult for me to hold things without tearing into them."

"You've never cut me." Rey leaned over again to once more watch the magic happen.

"I...try very hard to keep from harming. I never wish to do so in anyway." One sheet of cloth into another, the owl cut out pieces. Once he had enough to suit him he moved the scraps aside and set out the pieces. "When you are sewing something as this you place the sides that will be seen by others together and then sew. It makes the seams hide inside the clothing so that it appears more pleasant to the eye." Or that was the idea. Hell if he knew what it looked like.

"Okay." Rey nodded then paused as Waldor mentioned 'to the eye'. "Does being blind make it harder to do crafts?"

The owl nodded as he began pinning things together, using his fingers as a guide to tell when the edges were aligned properly. "I would imagine it does. I cannot see to know by sight if what I am doing is the way others would have it. I use touch to know if I have done things correctly...that is why my materials feel every so slightly different. It is so I can tell them apart."

"I think that's better." Reynalt touched the fabric again, careful to stay out of the way. "Mommy told me everyone is different special so that they can help each other... Maybe some day I can help you too?" His mother had told him that when he'd questioned why he had 4 arms and Melanie didn't. He couldn't remember his father, but he knew they came from him. So the words had more or less been to help the little boy with the realization that he was different.

Waldor whispered, "I think it is better too." He smiled at the child and nodded. "That would please me. There are times when not being able to see can make things difficult. Do you think you would help me sort the gems I have acquired later? I can usually feel the difference in the stones but some of them are murky in my 'sight' and it is difficult to tell."

"Yes of course!" Rey grinned happily. "How do I say yes in Strix?"

Waldor chirped something quick, paused then repeated it for Rey.

Rey followed the instructions. Then repeated it a few more times for good measure.

Waldor smiled and nodded. "Yes, just as that."

Yay he was praised. Rey snuggled into his owl daddy and asked. "You said you needed to make a needle for me?"

The owl nodded and set the fabric down on the table to wait as he moved off his perch. "Mine is made of steel but it was made by Felicity for me, do you want a steel needle or will bone be acceptable for now?"

"Whichever is easiest. I don't know the difference..." Rey snuggling into being held looked over at the supplies Waldor was leading him towards. one of his little hands inched towards the items wanting to touch everything.

Waldor held things out for Rey to play with as he dug through bins here and there for an appropriate length of bone. "Steel is stronger and less likely to break and can be used in leathers but bone is easier to hold and can be used in most things and trimmed if the needle is too long to suit your purposes. Steel can also get dull in time and require sharpening."

"Yours was a gift though?" There was a heavy temptation to shove the item he had been handed into his mouth, but Rey resisted.

Waldor chirped a yes and continued digging until he found a bone that felt suitable. "Miss Felicity made it for me so that I could sew without worrying about carving into my needle with my talons. In exchange I am teaching her some alchemy and various glass working techniques." Waldor held out his free hand so that Rey would hand him back the item that was in danger of getting eaten.

But mouths are the best for feeling... Reluctantly Rey returned the item. "Can you teach me those things too? Is Miss Felicity nice?"

He chirped another yes and set the thing back in it's place before carrying the boy and the bone back to the work table. Waldor took up perch at the other end as to not get bone fragments on the fabric and set Rey on the table so he could watch the owl work as the bone was thinned and sharpened into a child sized needle.

Still delighted, Reynalt watched Waldor work. "That looks pretty. Bone is nice." Both to look at and touch. "It's nice that you decided to live here."

"Your mother was kind enough to allow me to stay." Waldor paused as he worked and 'looked' to the child, wondering if his sister had spoken to him yet." ...have you talked to Melanie recently?"

"Yeah, she told me you married mommy so you're a daddy now. My owl daddy." Reynalt wiggled his feet over the side of the table he was on. "Then she said she was gonna make the villagers play hide and seek before leaving."

"I...yes...your mother is my mate now." He was going to continue but the hide and seek statement threw him. "...was there another child she was intending to play with or is this a game that the others are not aware of?"

"Dunno. She was playing with Hibah in her room the other day... but she just said villagers." Rey wasn't as interested in his sister, she was never home anyway.

Waldor sighed heavily and went back to finishing the needle. "When this is done I will go look for her...I worry that those of the village will enjoy her games as much as we do."

"It hurts when she bites." Rey pouted. "When the needle is done or the sewing?"

"Hmm....I do suppose it is unlikely she could do serious harm that the hospital could not reverse...but I think I may still need to go once the needle is done. You may come with me if you like."

"Okay..." Oh poo, all his fun was being ruined. Rey kind of pouted a little. "You'll carry me right?"

Waldor nodded. "I will. I am sorry that we have to pause for now, but I will teach you still if you still wish to learn."

"It's okay." Rey held out his little arms to be held.

Waldor set down then needle and picked up Rey then moved around the workshop to head out after the huntress on the loose.

IoQ: Sewing with Owl Daddy Part 1
RP with ScelestaNix and her adorable Waldor. Seriously, he's a surprisingly good daddy.

Word Count total: 2313 5% each
The weather was less than hospitable. Grey clouds moved in from the horizon, light speckling the gloom. Thumbelina was beginning to question leaving her house at all. Why did she leave? Right herbs. She had been cooking a lot and found her supply was running low.. also she never finished cataloging the autumn vegetation before. But future weather aside, it wasn't so bad out.. but she hoped she wouldn't be out long.

Sidney was sniffing around the herbs as well. ...True he was a little rusty on his herbology... but some of the plants smelled interesting, so they must do something right?? The little dog was a little wary though, last time he'd been here.. WELL... It had not been fun.

Kaiyo on the other hand had had a blast the last time she had been at the light lagoon. She didn't run into any sprites or anything unpleasant.

"Greetings Sidney." Thumbelina noticed the pup in her area and gently offered him a treat from her pocket. "You should be careful, there is a storm on the horizon."

Sidney took the treat with a quickly mumbled "thank you". He sat down do gnaw on it, turning it into little bitty chunks before eating it. the dog looked up. "a storm?" He looked at the sky. "oh. I suppose there is. Thank you, I'll be careful."

The fairy smiled softly, straightening herself out as she returned to her herb search. "So what brings you out today?"

Kaiyo just happened across the fairy and the dog by chance, but she was pleasantly surprised to have other people to hang out with. "You got a new dog, Miss Thumbelina?"

"I'm inspecting the plants here, I'm thinking about working on some potions..." Sidney froze and fluffed up. If there was one thing that got on his nerves it was when people assumed he was owned by someone. He understood the confusion, he just... He reaaaaallly didn't like it. The dog looked up at Kaiyo. "No."

"Ah, No. This is Sidney, he lives on the island..." Thumbelina turned to Kaiyo, forcing a smile on past the awkwardness. "It's good to see you Kaiyo."

"Oh....." Kaiyo stared at him awkwardly for a moment. Considering the amount of time she had spent on the island, simple things like a talking dog shouldn't freak her out... but it still did. "I'm...." Sorry? Pleased to meet you? Speechless?

Sidney stared back and gave a slight sigh. "I'm used to it, nice to meet you, what's your name?" He'd heard Thumby say it, but it seemed like a good prompt to keep her talking. The trailing off thing was uncomfortable to do; he'd done it enough times himself so he knew this.

"My name is Kaiyo," she was glad that he 'threw her a bone' there. "It's nice to meet you as well."

Thumbelina watched the two for a moment, but the rattle of thunder on the horizon reminded her that she shouldn't dally too much, besides they were talking. Once again she ran her hands through the patch of herbs she'd found, trying to figure out what exactly was there.

Sidney looked back at thumbelina. "so, what are you doing? as you mentioned, the weather isn't exactly nice at the moment."

Kaiyo also turned her attention to Thumbelina, watching her closely. The mermaid knew very little about herbs.

"Gathering things for cooking." She smiled at Sidney and bent down to scratch his head. Behind the ears. "As you may have gathered, I have a rather large family." Thumbelina turned some of the herbs in her hand.

"How large is your family exactly?" The mermaid had heard Thumbelina talking about her children before, but had yet to meet any of them. After meeting Waldor, she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to either.

Sid's tail wagged. "ah. Well, that's nice." The little dog knew nothing about spices or cooking, but he could apreciate the idea. So far the dog had met the demon child and the very nice little boy, but apparently she had more kids.

"There is Waldor, Jonathan, Melanie, Reynalt, Jamal, myself.. and we have an egg.. so shortly we will have another child in the house.. I think that's a fairly large family." Thumbelina rubbed one of the leaves between her fingers in thought. Was this one any good?

The little dog stared at the Fairy in awe. how could she mannage all of them?? His nephews had been a handful, and there were only two of them.

"Oh, I had forgotten that you took Jamal in"

"Yes." Thumbelina smiled softly, placing some herbs in her pocket. "He is a very dear little one to me, his past life was my first true friend." She glanced over at Kaiyo. "What of you? Do you intend to have children?"

"You knew him before?" Kaiyo imagined her father being reborn as a child and adopting him... That would be weird. "I would love to have children! Do you know anyone looking to be a father?"

Sidney sniffed around, listening to the ladies talk.

A strange way to ask. "Wouldn't you rather have children with someone you love dearly?" A single brow raised as Thumbelina stared at Kaiyo.

Kaiyo wasn't sure how to answer that.

"I love everyone."

"That's... Hmmm.." Thumbelina shrugged. "It isn't quite the same. I am not sure how else to say it."

"I'm afraid I don't understand."

He's a dog currently he doesn't think too much about romance or starting a family. Sid rolled around in a patch of interesting smelling grass.

"Maybe someday you will? It's very hard to explain without knowing the feeling personally." Thumbelina frowned. She hadn't even believed in the feelings existing before her first love.

Kaiyo nodded. "There are some people that I like better than others."

Sidney ate a bit of a random plant and spat it out. well, Ew. that wasn't a good idea. The little dog sniffed around some more.

The triclops was at it again, wondering through the island alone. When will she learn? But as she moved closer, she started to hear voices. Valdoma blinked at newly found lost people as well, nodding her head at them.

"It's a wonderful feeling." Thumbelina noticed the new woman. She was sure she had never met that woman before so she waved hello. "Are you new?"

Sidney looked up. "hello," The dog waved a paw. That person had more eyes than normal. Huh.

Was that a puppy- She pointed at Sidney then looked around to see if anyone else heard him before bending over and patting his head. "Ello?"

I am new." Valdoma stood to her feet, making sure not even to look Kaiyo in the eyes. She bowed her head slightly to Thumbelina. "I am Valdoma."

"Hello Miss Valdoma," Kaiyo waved in a friendly manner, "Ramses said I should appologize for looking at you the other day, so I'm sorry."

oo. Pets. Sidney's tail wagged, despite the fact he did not know this person. "I'm Sidney, nice to meet you." He then turned his head at a noise in the surrounding area. hm.

Thumbelina mimicked the motion, bowing her head slightly as well with a faint smile on her face. "I am Thumbelina. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Whoa what- The triclops was caught off guard at Kaiyo's apology, she blinked madly at the girl before speaking, "It..It's alright. I am uncommon, its natural to stare..." Valdoma turned her head to Thumbelina once more, "The pleasure is all mine. Though, with some many people I do question, Are you all lost here as well?"

"Oh goodness no. I was simply collecting herbs. My home is down in the village.." Thumbelina paused slightly. "Are you lost though? I could lead you back to the village."

Kaiyo smiled, she was glad that Valdoma had accepted the apology, now they could be friends.

Sidney continued to listen to everything. He was supposed to be doing something, but he was a little bit nosy.

The girl only chuckled "I am always lost, but that would be wonderful, thank you.~" She was not used to this island at all, nor its..creatures that walked.

Thumbelina nodded and smiled. "I would be happy to." Placing the few herbs in her pocket she started leading the way back to town, she was weary of the statue though.

Oh. Also. Do not touch the statues, they are full of little flying childlike demons."

"Flying.... like...." Kaiyo's eyes widened, "You don't mean sprites?" Kaiyo actually did NOT love sprites.

Sprites? She did not understand but she nodded her head at the dog. "Thank you." Quickly, the triclops followed after Thumbelina and looked at the other two to follow her.

Kaiyo followed, obedient to the mystical eyes of Valdoma.

Sidney paused. He could follow too and not be alone. Which could come in handy if some monsters decided to pop up. Handy indeed, some extra fighters. The little dog started to follow as well.

There was a flicker of light as an earth sprite flied over. Strange to see them so far from the valley except... "Oh no..." Thumbelina watched the small sprite as it giggled and landed on the statue grinning at the group as a large swarm of earth spripes joined it.

The original sprite charged at Valdoma, wiping out more than half her health in a single blow.

Sidney yelped, then threw a wall of light around himself for protection. He should have known better than to come here...!

She grunted in pain, backing away and griting her teeth. Quickly she threw a dizzy spell over the sprite that made it go completely numb. "Are these the demons?"

Kaiyo was impressed with the defensive spell that Sidney cast, and decided to attempt her own, even though she knew it would likely be much less effective.

Thumbelina took her staff from her waist and summoned vine like roots from the ground. The roots twisted around her creating a barrier to protect her from damage

Sidney barked anger at the sprites, then looked at Valdoma. "They're sprites, but yes, demonic." he hesitated, thinking about attacking the sprites, but then he remembered his true strength was in his magic so... Sidney cast a spell and a wall of light surrounded the triclops.

Thumbelina was grateful that Sid protected their weakened member. That left her to charge into the sprites, smacking one down with her staff.

The woman blinked softly at the wall and smiled gratefully at the puppy. She used her misfortune spell(offensive magic) on the sprites closest to Sidney. If you protect me, Ill protect you.
Kaiyo attacked the nearest sprite with a classic swing of her staff.

The sprite laughed at Kaiyo mockingly as it gracefully floated out of the way. Thumbelina frowned. First things first, lessen the crowd. Than she could focus on barriers. Once again, Thumbelina swung down on a sprite, dissolving it into raw essence.

Sidney ran after the nearest sprite with much barking and growling, attaching himself to the nearest one's leg and wiggling around trying to inflict more damage. He didn't like dying very much, sorry.

She rolled her eyes softly, throwing her hand up and casting the misfortune magic once more. The sprite was given bad luck instantly and fell to the ground.

Kaiyo refused to accept defeat, she continued to swing her staff.

Finally success! Kaiyo took down a sprite! Thumbelina was curious about sort of magic Valdoma was using, but it wasn't the time to ask such things. Once again Thumbelina swung down her staff on a sprite.

In retaliation one of the sprites attacked Valdoma, taking out her barrier and dealing damage to the three eyed lady.

Sidney let go of the sprite long enough to mutter a light protection spell for Valdoma.

Valdoma just watched everyone and groaned to herself, she quickly was about to jump away but a new spell was put up. So she stayed within her place and nodded a thanks to the dog.

Thumbelina swung down on another sprite, though this one took her hit and kept standing.. or rather.. floating.

Kaiyo chose to try swinging again since she had success the last time.

The sprite, while already weakened still was able to move out of the way in time to avoid the Mermaid's attack.

Sidney re-enforced his own light barrier and nodded back at the chick with three eyes. He didn't want anyone to die.

With the sprites down for the moment. Thumbelina used the lull to cast a barrier around Kaiyo.

Valdoma threw another Misfortune spell to the closest sprite and knocked that one down as well. She sneered softly before moving over to sidney.

Sidney Charged a sprite, the whole time yapping and barking and growling. He was a strong powerful creature not to be messed with!

The sprite looked down at Sidney as if mocking the tiny dog.

This time Kaiyo decided to try some magic. She used a water spell to attack a sprite.

The sprite simply flew up and laughed at Kaiyo. Thumbelina continued to reinforce barriers while she could. this time she strengthened the one around Valdoma.

This was taking too long. Instead of using magic and girl simply punched a sprite and hoped it wouldnt wake up from its KO dream.

Down went the sprite under the fist of a mighty triclops!

Sidney fluffed up, irritated. He was... not as strong as he'd thought. Crap. The little dog sighed and made his barrier a little stronger-Alas he was out of magic. Now he was useless. YAAAAY. The possessed dog grumbled and bit.

Thumbelina, noticing Sidney's weakening energy handed him some DELICIOUS LEMON MARMALADE!

Sidney stuck his head in the jar of lemon marmalade and ate. He ate the whole jar. He was once more bursting with energy! or was that the sugar rush...? It didn't much matter.

Her magic proving useless, Kaiyo once more chose to swing at the remaining sprite.

Thumbelina watched, waiting for more sprites. They did always come when the battle happened. Continuing to prepare she strengthened the barrier around Sidney with her own magic.

Kaiyo, no more booze before battles. There was more laughter as the sprite easily dodged the attack.

Hey, muscle won before, so once more Valdoma struck her fist at the remaining Sprite.

Not this time! But hey, at least Valdoma hit it. The little sprite rubbed it's arm looking offended.

Sidney, now full of empty calories, proceeded to draw all his strength together and run around the last sprite barking his head off and growling. He fake attacked once, twice, three times, then bit. He was a wild animal to be feared and respected and maybe worshiped if anyone was in the mood.

Thumbelina swung down on the remaining sprite. Taking it out instantly. Not long after it fell, from the shadows four timid earth sprites approached the group, hiding behind them. Those other sprites were scary.

Ah! More sprites! Kaiyo held her staff in a defensive way.
IoQ: A Lovely Afternoon- Kaiyo, Thumby, Sid, Val
Word Count: 2501, 72 sprites slayed

Each Player earns:
EXP: 72,000,000
Gold: 72000

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